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I decided to take a look at the newspaper and see what is and is-not cresent fresh!

Not guilty? That is totally NOT Cresent Fresh!

Reminds me of an instance where I was in a grocery store. I approach an elderly greeter to ask where the cotton candy was located (my daughter wanted some). “Excuse me, I was…”

She points to my right, before I finish and cackles, “The alchohol is over there…”

I stared for a few moments, and walked away.

Because as everyone knows, a dark skinned person would NEVER enter a grocery store unless he needed booze.

The elderly lady was NOT Cresent Fresh!

I thought I would take a moment to comment that Stephen Johnson is NOT Cresent Fresh!

What IS Cresent Fresh in todays world?

“Me!” I shall reply. “I AM totally Cresent Fresh.” To achieve total Cresent Freshosity, you must copy the ways of the Senitram. My call to the world to become Cresent Fresh is enjoy life without hurtin’ anybody, and help others when you can.

That’s pretty much it…you do that, and you too shall be Cresent Fresh!

This IS Cresent Fresh!
The insurance pools in place now have premiums that are half-price…sweeeet?…no! Cresent Fresh!

The politicians still trying to kill Obama-Care, are paid by insurance companies to keep prices high…This IS NOT Cresent Fresh! Do not vote for these politicians who want to step on your heads to climb to the top….They are NOT Cresent Fresh.

The 2012 vote WAS Cresent Fresh because more Americans voted for Democratic Congress-persons by 1.4 million votes over Republicans!

The results were NOT Cresent Fresh because Republican redistricting put more Republican Congress-persons in office than Democratic, despite the overwhelming support for a Democratic Congress.

Can you imagine that politics can even confuse a concept as simple as Cresent Freshosity?

THAT is NOT Cresent Fresh!

Bannanas are delicious and nutricious…that IS Cresent Fresh!

Nature gave southern California a break by providing some much needed rainfall over the wildfire areas…this IS Cresent Fresh!

This man IS NOT Cresent Fresh!
So the government filters thru emails and finds one with the subject, “RE: Our latest terrorists plot…”, and they read it. I’m ok with that.

This IS Cresent Fresh…I like to be safe!

Throwing a wrench in the machine that helps keep us safe….NOT Cresent Fresh!

Still not sure what is or is-not Cresent Fresh?

Watch this:

COMING NEXT: A doo-wah-ditty…

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