A Time to Remember

When I checked my email I found no one asked any questions, so I’m flyin’ solo today. I watched “Click” or “Remote” or whatever the name of that Adam Sandler movie is…I watched it. Not bad.

When they show him in the future, it’s cool when you see how things change, then I noticed how things changed for me.

When I was in college (using student loans), I lived in a basement apartment, rode a ten-speed to college and work. In the winter I took the bus and walked. Often my weekly budget allowed $10 food. I still remember a walk to McDonalds for chicken McNuggets on a Friday night was a real treat.

This Sunday I took a trip to the store riding a new Malibu purchased this summer, and came home to a nice 3 level house with an attractive wife and two nice kids. Big difference.

During one summer, I had so little money, I took the bus to work and walked home (1½ hr walk), I skipped lunches because I had no lunch, and sipped koolaid with extra sugar from a liter cup that I brought with me. The extra sugar stopped me from getting too hungry during the day. I remember one week, a sack of potatoes was the weeks entire food budget.

I guess the moral of the story is get an education. No matter who you are, no matter what the situation…get an education. I may take ten years to make a difference, but a difference it will make.

Speaking of poorly educated individuals, here’s something for all the poor republican politicians out there. I know George Bush is anxious to help you guys out, but his help may hurt more than help. So here’s a nice rejection letter I put together for you guys.

Dear Mr. President

I am delighted by your offer to help our campaign!

However, we have a conflicting schedule on the date you specified (enter date here). On that day, I plan to: (check one)

__ Wash my hair

__ Clean my fish tank

__ Take my GED test

Thanks for taking the time to consider our campaign.

Although campaigning together is out of the question, perhaps we could just be friends.


And now you know.


Gimme’ your name, where you from, and a question. That’s it.

COMING NEXT: A big surprise!

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