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TheWeirdcrap’s Alarmingly Strange Stories posted its first story in 1999 with the goal to provide non-censored fiction by amateur writers. Perhaps you wrote a piece of fiction for a class and thought it was pretty good. It’s a shame no one will ever read it except your professor or teacher. Well, this is your chance to share it with the world! We have a translator on each page to make it easy for someone from another country to enjoy your work!

Or, if you like to read and your sense of humor is just a little off-center, then this your home. But don’t stop with the current submissions go to the archive pages for more.

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Featured Alarmingly Strange Stories…

    Water gushes down from the showerhead onto me and my troubles are washed away.  They of course accumulate again, as does the dirt during the working day.  But a good shower – nothing beats it … Read more
  • Confessions of a Transylvanian Urologist
    Name’s Romanovsky. Dr. Boris Sedgewick Finklemeyer Codfishpiece Romanovsky IV, to be exact. And for 35 years I was Count Dracula’s Urologist. My father was his urologist for 73 years before that, and his father for … Read more
  • Space and Stuff
    Simon carrSci-Fi – 12 Pages – Chapter 1 The Wall Copernicus is a colony on Mung. Mung is a shitty planet. That’s why they called it Mung. They were trying to think of something nice … Read more
  • The Black Noir
    -Strange – 31 Pages I was playing trombone in a Megadeth cover band when she caught my eye. She was sitting across the crowded smoky bar drinking something wet and pink. I knew right away … Read more
  • Total World Domination
    I was headed towards Union Square to shop for a birthday gift for my mother. Shopping, unfortunately, has never been my forté. My mother taught me well how to overcome so many of life’s little … Read more
  • I Was A Teenage DJ
    Yup, I was a teenage DJ. NOTE: Due to a shortage of submissions, I’m posting a biographical story taken from four Ask Bob columns, written a year ago. If you would like to share your … Read more
  • Queen of the Damned
    The old queen never knew what hit him when you flew from the shadows and latched onto his leathery neck.  You didn’t know it was a pint and half of blood was boy blood, until … Read more
  • Underbelly
    Rob MorganUnderbelly Rich pressed his forehead to the rain-streaked glass. His grubby clothes scratched against his skin as the monorail bucked over a siding. The people around him jolted in unison, hanging heavily on plastic … Read more
  • Demon Rising – The Awakening
    Hywel Griffiths-Strange – 18 Pages – Chapter 1: The Awakening Heinrich My stomach feels twisted tonight. We wait in the darkness, myself and several others scattered amongst the undergrowth. Elsewhere more soldiers wait but to … Read more
  • Bacon Becomes Her
    “Brenda’s a pig!” “Roger! Aren’t you two engaged?” Tim paused mid-sip. “That’s your fiancé you’re talking about.” “I know, I know.” Roger took a swig of his Red Hook ESB and wiped his mouth on … Read more
  • You can call me Al
    by Douglas L Rains -Sci-Fi – 14 Pages – Chapter 1 Johnny Meyers was hurrying home from school and he was going to be in trouble. He had to stay in detention after his last … Read more
  • Deli
    By D. Harlan Wilson The cashier is wearing a necklace that is supporting his late girlfriend’s bleeding heart. He strangled her during his lunch break after she admitted she had been sleeping with the deli’s sandwich maker. After strangling her, he calmly used a butcher’s knife to slice open her chest and remove her heart. He attached the heart to a string of leather, bowed his head, and slipped the necklace on, delighting in the symbolic nature of the act. Then he tossed his girlfriend’s mangled corpse into a dumpster…
  • Level Nine
    -Strange – 1 page – Elizabeth all at once had opened her eyes and felt strangely rested. She allowed her retinas to adjust to the bright warm light and began to scrutinize her unexpected surroundings. … Read more
  • The Not-So Politically Correct Tale of Joe Poe
    Bryan DenoJoe Poe had pretty much been dealt a bum hand in the game of life.  He was the bastard son of a Black Jewish harelipped paraplegic circus midget. Amazingly though, Joe appeared pretty much normal—at … Read more
  • Sympathy for the Devil
    Rance Treakle1 Page I thought the devil was red and had a tail. I had braced myself for His appearance, His style, even His odor if need be. So what happens when I call Him? … Read more
  • The Day Tom Jones Changed My Life
    -Humor – 6 Pages – Up until that point, I’d never been much of a Tom Jones fan. He was more my mother’s generation, not mine. Oh sure, I knew he had some hits here … Read more
  • The Absolute Return Of Binkle Bunny – We Really Mean It This Time Matey!
    by A.R.A. Owen A gentle breeze blew down Slag Street, dust billowing in its wake past the front doorstep of the Cummy Todge pub. Ned was just putting his Treomph Bernneville away, and he felt … Read more
  • Binkle Bunny in Super Electronic
    A.R.A. OwenIt was a lovely day and the Cummy Todge was brimming with people. Some of these people were regulars who were somewhat used to the usual insanity of the place. Most of them however … Read more
  • The Tadpole Revolution
    Jimmy K. heard of the eating establishment known as Tadpoles and decided to give it a try one sultry evening in mid-August. The restaurant was in a nondescript part of town, really quite close to … Read more
  • Family Secrets
    -Strange – 4 Pages – Lester walked into the wall and kept right on going. Strange as that may sound, it wasn’t all that unusual. Lester could walk through anything – walls, doors, trees, sand … Read more
  • The Adventure of Cascadilla and Perkchip
    Jon StephensonChapter 1 I’m sorry,” said Shantulopukobeebee, “but I am no longer the man you want to marry.”Cascadilla gently placed the half-eaten chicken nugget on the Louis 20th solid silver gold oblong plate. A single … Read more
  • The Ruin Man
    byMarri -Strange – 2 Pages Amidst the tourist clutter of Cannery Row in Monterey, hidden behind the plastic and the lights and the packaged consumer filth, always sold, there was a row of ruins. Fenced … Read more
  • Sepulchural
    -Strange Category – 5 Pages “Howdie.” Looking up from the gas pump nozzle, Vincent was greeted by a plummeting red boxing glove to the face. Whump! Vincent stumbled from the strike and fell against his … Read more
  • Zeep In The City
    -Sci-Fi – 3 Pages – Package runner Alpha One-Six, nicknamed `Zeep’ to endear him to Joe Public and his slobbering troglodyte family, had only been distracted for four hundredths of a second. But in that … Read more
  • The Boy Who Couldn’t Recycle
    Dan Ericsson-Humor – 1 Page And now the story of Buildrock Mane. Buildrock Mane was a little boy with a long name. He could run really fast. He ran as fast as most people can … Read more

Alarmingly Strange Stories Archives

Sci-Fi Archives


Barrage of the Dead

July 4, 2004

2 Pages Dan sat at his dining room table working on a new piece of origami when a mangled, bug-eyed, undead man, entered his house without knocking. Dan remained captivated…

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binkle Bunny image

The Absolute Return Of Binkle Bunny – We Really Mean It This Time Matey!

January 9, 2023

by A.R.A. Owen Humor – Sci-Fi – 6 Pages A gentle breeze blew down Slag Street, dust billowing in its wake past the front doorstep of the Cummy Todge pub.…

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Strange Archives

This Time I’ve Gone Too Far

December 28, 2008

NOTE: The following short was originally posted on the “Ask Bob” column on 12/28/2008, I thought it would fit in nicely here…Bob S. A few days ago I got a nice…

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onion man


April 26, 2006

by Polina Danilyuk -Strange – 2 Pages – “What you have?” says Olaf. Olaf isn’t like you and me. You and me, we’re sitting, baking, locked up in a stuffy…

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Humor Archives

Mr. SockForAhead

Death of a Sock Puppet

February 15, 2000

1 Page Daniel attempted to smile at the group of young children seated before him on confetti-strewn carpet. This was his fifth Birthday party gig this week, and each had…

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the boy who couldn't recycle

The Boy Who Couldn’t Recycle

September 19, 2022

-Humor – 1 Page And now the story of Buildrock Mane. Buildrock Mane was a little boy with a long name. He could run really fast. He ran as fast…

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