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Space and Stuff

September 8, 2021

Dave’s new job, working on the wall of Copernicus sets off a series of events that just keep escalating really, what starts as political discourse somehow ends up being a race through time, space, and reality itself. Join a group…

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Strange Stories

Mr. SockForAhead

Mr. Sockforahead – The Series

October 9, 2021

Mr. Sockforahead came from the imagination of a young man named Joshua Blanc back in 2000. As he matured, so did his writing skills. However, his imagination remained intact as his creativity thrived. As the years passed he ended up…

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my robot is bad img

My Robot is Bad

October 4, 2021

5 Pages I arrived back at my hotel to find a message had been slipped under my door, but I forget about it because there is also a woman bound up, inverted, and hanging from my ceiling, the ropes covering…

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Sci-Fi Archives


March 31, 2011

The prompt was Starlight- and I was thirty nine. It is short and admittedly clumsy- I found it on line- but aspects of it I do appreciate. I admit forgetting all about it. Felt I owed it one more airing….

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Strange Archives

The Pheasant

August 18, 2000

6 Pages Mr. Schwartz has a stuffed pheasant on his desk. So he’s a little eccentric. Well, he is, but the pheasant’s evil.I seem to find everything evil, even those baby dolls for the parenting class. Those beady little eyes,…

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Humor Archives

Tales of Constant, Unrelenting Insanity

November 6, 2004

16 Pages vol. I Larry was in a miserable mood as he left the slaughterhouse at 5:00 PM after working an 8 ½ hour-shift, then being laid off. It was like the world had stabbed him in the back, and…

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