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With Hollywood remaking movies over and over, you’d think there were no more creative ideas; however, we prove them wrong here. Original and creative fiction made by regular folks. With a library as large as ours don’t forget to add this page to your browsers favorites so you can come back for more. Use for a direct link to this page.

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Strange Sci-Fi


June 5, 2021

腐乱 By Kadath Bird & Chie Sakaguchi “Since the day we bit into the fruits of the knowledge of good and evil, mankind has known that they will only damn themselves with their own ability to create..” 地獄 (Hell) They…

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Strange Stories

A Bad Haircut

May 23, 2021

Note from Editor: This one is as sad as it is creepy. It was originally submitted 12 yrs ago, by an unknown author named Seth. Excerpt: He stared at his face in the small square mirror, the door to a…

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Fun Fiction

Binkle Bunny in Super Electronic

June 13, 2021

It was a lovely day and the Cummy Todge was brimming with people. Some of these people were regulars who were somewhat used to the usual insanity of the place. Most of them however were the unfortunate victims of chance,…

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Sci-Fi Archives

I Want My Alien Back

July 26, 2008

“He’s not in Area 51? What do you mean he’s not in Area 51?” said Lou Diamond’s wife. “Then you better go after him.” “But, honey, I-” “No!” she insisted angrily, her finger outstretched and pointing at the front door….

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Strange Archives


May 11, 2009

            More fighting.  Always fighting.  It is the only appropriate verb to describe what is obscurely known as the “Relationship.”             Fighting during the day, at night, before bed, often interrupting sleep.  More fighting upon waking.  Sometimes one is forced…

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Fun Archives

A Deal with the Devil

October 2, 2009

“Wh…what am I doing here?” John asked as he reached the checkpoint. “Let’s see,” the guard said, leafing through a thick notebook. “Ah, John Sedgewick. Here it is. Says here you cheated on your wife.” “Well, to be fair, she…

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Did you know if you submit your fiction, it’s considered published and can’t be copied or used without permission? However, if you’re a professional writer and plan to sell your work you will loose first publication rates. Second publication rates are usually much less, so as a pro, you might want to limit your submissions to articles too strange to sell.

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