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Space and Stuff

September 8, 2021

Dave’s new job, working on the wall of Copernicus sets off a series of events that just keep escalating really, what starts as political discourse somehow ends up being a race through time, space, and reality itself. Join a group…

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Strange Stories

five tiny dwarves

Five Tiny Dwarves, a Circle, a Cat, and the Girl Who Saw it All

September 17, 2021

4 Pages Part I The little girl found a nice place in the grass and sat down near the stream. The sun was setting and the faint smell of a forest fire filled her nostrils. “A full moon!” she said…

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Evil Lesbian image

The Evil Lesbians

August 29, 2021

Part One: Evil 2 Pages In the far distant future, a band of Lesbians landed in their invisible spaceship somewhere in New Jersey.Suddenly, strange cosmic rays penetrated their bodies, turning some of them to evil! Ajax, a pretty lesbian, but…

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Sci-Fi Archives

Barrage of the Dead

July 4, 2004

2 Pages Dan sat at his dining room table working on a new piece of origami when a mangled, bug-eyed, undead man, entered his house without knocking. Dan remained captivated by his origami and didn’t notice the zombie plodding toward…

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Strange Archives


July 23, 2021

The Stool Pigeon And The Indian Lake 1933 We were nine years old that bright, summer morning in 1933, when Norman told us about an airport “just on the other side of Crotona Park.” There were five of us in…

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Humor Archives


January 17, 2000

by Debbie Martinez 1 Page Every evening, JoeBob, John, and Bubba sit on the front porch enjoying popcorn and soda while they watch the sun set. They usually discuss football, politics, women and whatever else comes to mind. Most nights,…

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