A Very Scary Senitram Special

So I’m no more that 10 years old when I went downstairs after I finished my homework to hear my father talking to our Priest.

Father: I was at the hospital, Mr. Senitram, the night your son was born. I witnessed the birth. I beg you…You must take communion. Drink the blood of Christ and eat his flesh. Only if He is within you can you defeat the son of the devil.

My Father: What do you know about my son?

Father: Everything.

My Father: And what is that?

Father: I saw its mother.

My Father: You saw my wife.

Father: I saw its mother.

My Father: You’re referring to my wife!

Father: Its mother, Mr. Senitram. IT MUST BE KILLED, BEFORE IT CAN’T BE KILLED.

I heard enough, if ever there was a time to run away and hit the streets, this was it!

I was outside for no more than two minutes when a bird swooped down and pecked me right in the forehead. I swatted it to the ground and watched it twitch a bit, when a sea of black birds headed straight toward me.

So off I ran. I ran so far away…but I couldn’t get away. I ran by a telephone booth, which had a blonde inside, trapped as birds swooped toward her, breaking the glass as she screamed.

I saw a huge motel just a block or so away, so I headed toward it. When I got to the door, I knocked but no one answered, so I tried the door and it slowly open with a creak. I stepped inside only to hear a woman screaming upstairs. I ran up the large staircase toward the scream. I ran down the hall to the rescure. As I approached the source of the screaming I saw a man with a kitchen knife stabbing at the door, breaking a crack in it.

He shoved his head in the crack shrieked, “Heeeeereeee’s Johnny!”

Time for me to go, I headed back down the hallway toward the stairs, only to see two little girls chanting, “Red-rum, red-rum, red rum…” I ran down the stairs and out the door taking my chances with the birds.

This time I ran to a house that appeared to be abandoned, but anything was worth getting away from those birds. I saw a flock heading toward me as I approached. I didn’t bother to knock this time, I just grabbed the doorknob and went in.

“I’m sorry for barging in like this but…”

In front of me was a man with a leatherface mask that looked like it was made of human flesh. He just grunted, started up a chainsaw that he was holding for no apparent reason.

My fear got the best of me, and instead of running out the front door, I ran further into the house until I found what appeared to be a basement door. I ran down the stairs, hoping to climb out a window.

I scampered down the stairs into the dark, and within a few steps, I hit a waist high ledge and flipped over. Down I went, landing on a nice plump female that was in the bottom of the well.

Just then, a light went on. I heard footsteps. I looked up and there was a shabby looking man with long blonde hair. He put something in a basket, and lowered it down.

“It puts the lotion on, or it gets the hose again.” He instructed with a raspy voice.

She put the lotion on while crying.

The man left, laughing.

But he left the rope and the basket. I looked at the girl and asked, “Why don’t you just climb up the rope and get out?”

She said while crying, “He said NOT too!”

“That’s stupid…You are stuuuuupid.” I grabbed the rope and climbed out.

I did find that basement window. I broke it and climbed out.

I looked up. No birds?

I took no more than two steps when I tripped over something in the garden. Just then, the street lights turned on and I saw what I tripped over. It was some sort of large strange pod.

The pod began to rip and I saw an arm push its way through the caccoon. Another arm reached out. The two arms grabbed the pod sides and ripped it open and the rest of the head and body of its contents raised from its prison.

It had a pre-birth film around it, and he ripped the covering off only to reveal a face that looked exactly like me. It looked at me and gave a spine tingling shriek.

I noticed a shovel on the grounds and grabbed it and gave it a good thrashing.

It kept screaming, and I pounded until it was finally quiet.

You’ve got to pick up every stitch, so I gave it one more chop for good measure.

Shaken, I stumbled into the street only to see the local high school in flames.

A teenage girl covered in blood was stumbling in the middle of the street when a car at high speed headed toward her.

She raised a hand toward the car and it flipped over and burst into flames.

“Must be the season of the witch.” I mumbled under my breath. Then she turned and gazed right into my eyes…

“Hi.” I said with a shaken voice. “Nice dress.”

She raised her hand in my direction with an emotionless expression.

I closed my eyes. I knew I was done for.

Suddenly she was struck. Four metal claws tore right thru her chest from behind.

“And now you die.” The man who rendered her lifeless said.

As she fell to the ground, I saw him. He had a mangled, scarred face with metal claws for hands and a where’s waldo sweater.

He looked at me and snarled, “Welcome to prime time bitch…”

Without a second to spare, his head tilted and fell from his body just before he collapsed to the ground.

Behind him was a man with a machette and a dirty, scarred ,white mask.

There I was face to face with a dead psycokinetic killer, who was killed by someone with claws for hands, who was just killed by a man in a mask with a machette.

Then he spoke, “Was this guy bothering you?”

“Actually, I think he was about to kill me.” I replied.

“Good thing I showed up then! Say, you wouldn’t by any chance know where Laurie Strode lives?”

“Laurie, oh yeah, she lives two blocks down the street, at the end of the block, make a right and it’s the house on the corner.” I replied.

“Good.” he said as he headed down the street in a consistant, but not very fast pace.

Just when I thought I had enough, I heard black birds sqwaking not far away, I looked up and saw the sky was full of birds.

“Jeeze, not again.” I said as I headed toward a house with the lights on.

The lights inside were multiple colors and flickering, when I entered.

There in front of me was a portal of light, with a tiny old lady, accompanied by a man and a woman facing the light.

The tiny lady spoke, “Cross over, children. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the light.

“No! No, you said no!” The man yelled.

“There is peace and serenity in the light.” The lady spoke to the light.

“You said don’t go into the light!” The man replied.

The light grew until it surrounded me, I was engulfed, and felt a tremendous shock.

I felt another shock, and my body jumped.

“Clear” A voice instructed.

Another shock and bounce, and then I opened my eyes.

I was surrounded by medical professionals.

I looked around and saw I was lying in a hospital bed.

“We thought you were gone.” The exasperated doctor said.

“So did I…so did I.” I replied as I made a smart quirk of a smile toward a non-existent camera.


Song in my head:

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