Every turn I make, takes me home…

Ask Bob!
by Robert Senitram

A few months back I explained how my new lap-top made life easier and am now much more likely too write these columns/blogs on a more regular basis.

I’ll refresh your memory about the whole situation.
13 years ago, when this column was new, I faithfully went to our spare room in our Florida apartment and  wrote my silly weekly ditty.  Since then, me and old lady birthed two healthy kiddos, got real jobs and a house. 
Excuses of busy-ness aside, what eventually happened is the spare room in our house became baby-gurl’s bedroom, and my book-keeping/web site workin’ room got moved to the basement.
I sat in the basement at my homemade desk which is made out of three strips purgo tile which is sitting on top of two, tow foot high, file cabinets.  The room is lit by a single light bulb which hangs by electrical wire about two feet from the roof.  The wire is too long for a low basement roof and if I stand too quickly I always bump into it.  It learks over my shoulder as I type; and for some reason, it is always slowly swinging from side to side, so the shadows before me constantly change.
As I type, the only noise is the punching of keys and the constant drip, from the other end of the room.  I have inspected the other end, and have found no source of leaking water, nor is there a faucet.  Yet there it is…drip, drip, drip.  With the water with no source and the swaying light, sometimes I wonder if my house is haunted.  If it is all the spooks must have settled in the basement.
Anyways, I was real excited when I got this fancy to-do lap-top with a wireless network.  I figured I’d be typin’ during luch, during commercials while watching tv…low and behold, that never happened.
I just can’t get used to the flat keyboard.  It takes me hours to do a half hours work, then every time the palm of my hand touches the computer the cursor jumps to god knows where and I have to enter a nonsense key to find the curser then I have to erase the random letter, then I have to put the curser back where I left off using the weird mouse pad thingy. 
It’s all very tireing.
So back in my basement I added a wireless keyboard to the laptop, so I can type they way god and man intended people to type.  While I was at it I added a wireless mouse, so I don’t have to use that stupid mouse pad thingy.  Then for good measure, I added the recharger to the whole works so I have unlimited battery.
Now it’s very silly to haul around this lap-top with all the excessories, so I’m back in the basement, in my old spot sharing the space with spooks, the furnace, and the kitty litter box.
But hey, I wrote this column in half an hour because quite frankly, I can’t stand the litter smell on second longer!
COMING NEXT:  Mob-Flash-Fiction!

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