Lunatic Ravings!

by Stephen Johnson, originally called, “I’m Pissed!” we changed the name to “Lunatic Ravings” for syndication with a company that ended up going out of business. Stephen presents an insight to his boring yet strange life.

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Recent Ramblings

Those Stupid Things They Do Are Stupid

September 18, 2021

I heard from someone somewhere about a new program or something that the kids today are posting moving pictures of them doing things and making other people join in the fun. So stupid!There’s one where people stack milk crates on top of each other and…

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Fresher Than Bob’s!

September 12, 2021

Noticed that Bob posted his column on Saturday so that he could TRY to divert the attention to him. What a fool. Since I’m posting this Sunday afternoon, mine’s fresher. Therefore, the attention is back to me, as it should be.HA! He tried to make…

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Where’s Bob?

September 4, 2021

Noticed that Bob hasn’t posted for awhile and, because I care, I called him to find out what was going on. He was upset that another challenge was out there, something to do with milk crates and he wanted to ride this wave with his…

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It’s Just Horrible!

August 28, 2021

I remember the time a neighborhood kid came over to my house and asked if I wanted to see a dead body. I told him I couldn’t since I was grounded for stealing a tube of Spree. So he asked the kid next door and…

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Nothing New Here (Or Is There?)

August 21, 2021

I’m not writing anything new this week. Instead, I’m going to try and remember who Sally the throw up girl was. I vaguely remember her. Drinking was involved? Then vomit? Outside a car? Is that it? But who was she? How did she end up…

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Beware Of Propeller

August 14, 2021

Today reminds me of that time I was talking to someone about the latest episode of “Car 54, Where Are You?”.Right behind them was a sign on a building that stated “Beware Of Propeller”. Didn’t think anything about it as we talked about the latest…

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Again, That Was A Roadtrip????

August 7, 2021

Interesting column from Bob. You know, the one he was forced to write. Did you notice that they did not stop at one rest area? How can you call it a road trip when there is no stop at a rest area? You can’t! He…

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That Was A Roadtrip Column??!!

July 31, 2021

Hahahaha!Looks like Bob TRIED to write a roadtrip column and miserably failed. Go ahead and give it a read. I’ll wait. See what I mean? Where’s the actual roadtrip? Why are we getting crap about Santa and toenails and dumpsters (which is true, but he…

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Test, test, test

July 26, 2021

I guess there’s a new way to submit my posts, so I’m going to test this out.Cabin down south, it’s haunted, Bob screamed like a little girl and ran away so they decided to go home. This only took an hour. Probably a raccoon that…

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Sweet Freedom! NO BOB!!!!!

July 17, 2021

Bob isn’t around this week. Supposedly he has a cabin down south in the deep, deep woods and he’s hiding out for a bit. What does this mean? It means I can post anything I want! Nobody to censor/correct my thinks and writes! See, he…

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July 11, 2021

I got a shot recently. For…….something. After the shot, I was told to sit down on THE bench for 15 minutes, just to make sure I was going to be ok. So I did. And then came the bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies. With…

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This Post Also Has No Title (Until Now)

July 3, 2021

Bob didn’t post anything last week. Do you want to know why? He’s having a My Little Pony crisis. His favorite MLP shirt, the “Best Ponies” one, now has a hole in it from a cigar burn. Guess he wasn’t paying attention to that ash…

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This Post Has No Title (Until Now)

June 28, 2021

Read Bob’s last thing that he wrote. Something about how we met. Didn’t get to the end of it. Didn’t want to. Too many tears in mine eyes. From that election debacle. I quit smoking. Started again after reading his writing. How did we ACTUALLY…

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Phone Call

June 19, 2021

Actual phone conversation from 6/14/21: “You need to get a Facebook account.” “Why?” “Research says we need to hit social media in order to make money.” “Wait…..we make money?” “Well…….” “I’m not comfortable with Facebook or any social media. I’m just trying that influencing thing….

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Another Post From Me With Truth As An Added Bonus

June 12, 2021

Seems like Bob is trying to cause some problems. First, I NEVER said that he should sell the site to an investment firm. I told him that his buttocks were getting loose and flappy and that MAYBE he should invest in equipment that would firm…

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Okay then……

June 4, 2021

Wow. Someone at corporate did not like last week’s post. They stated that no thought went into it at all, whatsoever. Then they went on to say that my post “MUST contain 100 words MINIMUM”. Fine. Here goes: 100 words minimum. Happy now?

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A New Post From Me

May 30, 2021

So……………………………….. Ok, that’s my post for the week!

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Hello. Again.

May 22, 2021

Lunatic Ravings Well, it’s been around three years since I last posted. Due to contractual obligations, I have to post more stuff. But I’m okay with that. During these past three years I have taken time to fine myself and a lord. There will be…

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I Want a Title!!!

April 16, 2021

(originally posted on 08/23/2011) Accept—Blind Rage MoTW—The Pom Pom Girls For those new to this column, my name is Stephen Johnson. I am the…………… Wait. What the hell am I here? I have never been given a title. Bob has a title, so why don’t…

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This Might Be For Real

May 19, 2018

Well, it’s been a long time since this has been updated. The last time was August of 2016 so you would think that something serious was going on in my life. You might also think that something serious was going on in that other guy’s…

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From The Lunatic Ravings Archive

Now I Am Nothing But A Pawn

July 13, 2008

Journey—RevelationMoTW—In A Dark Place"Hey, i didn't say anything about the trash, k? not that i even have tomention it, thanks"I received the above message on my cell phone this past Tuesday. It camefrom somewhere in California. I started to reply to this message but after…

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The Secret Formula That Keeps Your Underwear White!

April 11, 2009

Mastodon—Crack The SkyeMoTW—JCVDI was going to continue my rant about the goateed wonderboy but guess Iwon't since he's too gutless to tell us why I can't read. I was thinking about this while waiting for my semi-annual haircut todayso I picked up an issue of…

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