A Most Rediculous Haircut

Before I go on about my haircut, I have to talk about that Facebook and Instagram thing. For those who don’t know, TheWeirdcrap’s Facebook page was hacked last week.

I’ve been thinking. If someone other than me logged into TheWeirdcrap’s Facebook page, why didn’t I get one of those notices that someone logged in from a different computer? That seems weird. Last week I got a notice that someone from Tennessee verified themselves as me thru MY email. So, I clicked the “This wasn’t me.” and the account was disabled and has been ever since. I changed the password on my email also.

Regarding that post made by someone else. I think the only way that could happen and not generate the “someone else logged in on your account” message…is if it was an inside job.

So, an employee at Facebook is hijacking other people’s accounts…but why? If anyone has any idea of how a Facebook hacker would benefit from taking over other people’s accounts, leave a comment below…I’m very curious, but go no answers on this one.

Anyway, last week I went to the sports-bar and haircut place down the street to get my weekly haircut. Usually, I just have a nice trimming on the sides with a little length on top so I can swing my bangs far to the right (classic comb over).

I don’t have any bald spots, but I do it just the same. For some unknown biological reason, I don’t age very fast, so to prevent me looking like some yokel of a younger generation, I have a pretend comb-over. But not to worry, the gray hair is starting to come in, so I can end the whole comb-over thing soon!

Just to give you an idea of what I should look like. My brother who is a year older than me has all white hair, not even grey…white!

So, I have a beer while waiting my turn, and when my time comes there’s a new girl not my regular. I didn’t give it much thought since I get such a basic cut.

“Just a basic cut with some length on top.” are my simple instructions. The next thing I know that razor is going across my head like a lawnmower. She completely shaved the side of my head right up to my hair part. With the top left long for my comb-over, I look like some sort of modern punk rocker.

I did say basic haircut…what are words for, if no one listens anymore?

I stop her, “Whoa now, I came in for a haircut, not a head shaving.”

“Oh, don’t worry, this is a very popular cut…”

“For twenty-year olds.” I reply. “I’m over 60 years old, I don’t need a fashion statement, just a haircut.”

“Ok.” she replies between gum chomps. She was chewing gum with her mouth open, which doesn’t offend me, but I kept imagining a wad of gum falling in my hair. When she finished, I looked ridiculous.

Then I thought with such a modern doo, I should have tattoos. So, I went to Walgreens on the way home and picked up some lick-on tattoos and put Tweety Bird on my left arm and Yosemite Sam on my left shoulder…now I look tough as nails.

But after sitting around a firepit last night, I smelled like smoke and took a shower afterwards…my new tattoos didn’t wash off, they just faded, and the colors ran down my arm.

So now I’m sitting at my computer, writing a column that I can’t boost on Facebook, with faded running tattoos and a most ridiculous haircut…I think I’ll dye my hair blue.


Song in my head: (before you gawk at the lead singer, you should know, she dead.)


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