She Gets Hungriest at Night…

This week, Stephen explains what happened to Chuck Cunningham, Opy Cunninghams older brother who disappeared in the first season!

Speaking of columns on, if you want to write a column as a guest and have it published with all the other nonsense, well, you can! Who told you, you couldn’t?

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Since Melissa has been writing about her abomination she calls a baby, I thought I would share a column that I wrote 20 years ago when our adult daughter was only nine months old.

Our baby-gurl is growing up!

She’s about 9 months old now and weighs about 85 lbs. and is just a foot shorter than me. She’s super strong too! Our neighbor saw her lift the back end of our Toyota to get the cat and now he calls her “Uber Baby”.

Of course, she was trying to get at our cat to eat him…she has a great appetite!

But she gets hungriest at night.

She did get that cat from under the car and ate it. We had to get a new kitty. So far, she’s eaten one full grown cat and two kittens. We’ve been covering our third kitten with hot sauce to dissuade baby-girl from eating it.

Sometimes I hear her climb out of the crib at night, and we know she’s on a feeding frenzy. The wife and I cover our heads with the bed sheets and wait…and hope she doesn’t come for us.

She gets hungriest at night.

I just love our new kitty and really don’t want baby girl to eat it. But I have to admit, if baby girl gets hungry, I’d rather have her go after the kitty before she makes her way upstairs.

I guess her extremely large size and appetite makes her a bit of a freak, and as you know, the freaks come out at night.

But aside from the night-time feeding terror, she’s a really good kid. During the day she’s calm and loves to sit and listen to me read stories to her. But lately, she’s gotten tired of all the old fairy tales, so I made up my own brand of fairy tales that teaches life lessons while still being entertaining.

I’ll share these with you next week!


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