Why Stephen can’t read, but hates to admit it…

I finally got the archives for 2008 finished at MyStrangeStories.com. All the favorites from 2008 are at the 2008 Archives. This was important because each submitted story was posted on the homepage, which really slowed it down.

I wanted to retain the genres so when you go to the archives, you can pick something like 2008 : Humor and get all the humor stories posted last year.

Its not too exciting to talk about but I’m glad its done…so go visit the main page for goodness sake and if you’re a writer, submit a story for others to enjoy.

I kept putting this off ‘cause by the time the two toddlers are off in bed on a Saturday night it’s nine o’clock and I’m usually ready for a few smokes and a few beers; but I was determined. I held off on the beer until I was finished around 11:00 pm.

Yeeeeaaaahhhhh me!

Now for something completely different.

At first I was against any bailout plans anyone had too offer, but this last move was pretty sweet. Not only is the government purchasing stock that will only go up, they did it with money that was from the last tarp approved by the last administration.

So we’ll do better than get our money back if we sell it at the right time. Plus, no republicans could go on T.V. and jump up and down about spend-spend-spend, because its using money they already approved.

Thus, no backlash of negativism happened, which only hurts the economy more because when there’s a lack of confidence driving the economy, it certainly doesn’t help when republicans try to convince everyone that no fix is possible and we just have to get ready for another depression.

The idea of purchasing stock rather than just dumping huge sums of money on companies is an act of a smooth operator…I think a few years from now this will be our ace-in-the-hole to drive the deficit lower than what is publicly stated.


Plus, since I’m really not too keen on republicans, their decision to wait for an idea…offer nothing…then shoot it down, will give other parties great ammunition come next election time. Just think of all the sound bites they could use of republicans shooting down the plans that turned the economy around.

It’ll kind of make them look stupid.

Which I feel is appropriate under the circumstances.

But I can’t be too unfair; the republicans did come up with a little ten-page summary of how to budget this multi-billion dollar economy. Not much, freeze all spending. The details will be more ammunition for elections to come.

Which also brings to mind another point. Why didn’t the republicans come up with a spending freeze back five years ago when they had the majority that could have enacted it? We had a strong economy and the government was throwing money out the window like there was no tomorrow.

This makes me question the sincerity of the proposal…that’s all.

And now you know.

COMING NEXT: Reading can be fun, for everyone but Stephen who can’t.

Bob Senitram

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