History of the Earth Part II

Last week the magical entity that appeared offered to provide me with the history of the Earth.

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So I said ok.

He had me dig up some object deep in the ground, then he told me to plug it into my USB.

“So how is this gonna work?” I asked.

“The USB will provide a power source, the time capsule, will read your computer’s language and leave you a written document of everything you will witness.”

“Sounds good, so will it show me a video or…” Just then, I was enveloped into a new world that was very bright. Must be some type of 3-D hollograph thing. There was the Alien from my dream, carrying stuff up a ramp that lead to a silver starship.

“Hey, that’s the guy from my dream!” I said excitedly.

“What dream?” The guy asked as he stopped and turned towards me.

“You can hear me, can you see me too?”

“Well…yeah. Where are you from? Are you an Alien?” He asked.

“No, I’m from Earth…so, yeah. I guess to you I’m an Alien.”

“Well, this IS Earth.”

“So your the Alien! We’re you just visiting?” I asked.

“Visiting? No, I’m from Earth, but we have to leave. A meteor is on a trajectory toward Earth. We’re gonna try our luck out there.” He said as he pointed up. “Where are you from?”

I guess I stood out, since he had almost white skin, no hair, and great big almond eyes.

“I don’t really know, maybe from your past…maybe your future.” I replied.

The familiar voice of the entity whispered in my ear, “The future.”

“Oh wait, I guess I’m from your future.”

“So life does continue after the impact…”

“Looks like it.”

“Weird. Looks like you evolved from mammals…not so much with us.”

“Yeah, I thought you looked different. So everyone’s leaving?”

“Not everyone, there’s a group who think the meteor is just some sort of conspiracy to force everyone to travel to the stars, for some strange evil purpose. So they’re staying. It’s sad, because there’s no way any of them will survive the impact.”

“Yeah, we got people like that where I’m from too.” I replied.

Then everything faded and I was watching the Earth from space as multiple meteors hit our planet and reduced it to a ball of molten rock.


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COMING NEXT: History of the Earth Part III

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