She Dropped The Bomb On Me

After showing my “New Bible” to my pastor, I was expecting to be treated like Ralphy in “A Christmas Story”. He would be so inspired by my revelation, that he would rate me as a good Christian and give me an A + + + + + + + + +… Then the congregation would lay down palms at my feet as I walked into church for the first Trump sermon.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead there was the pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth and curses on my head!

My pastor explained I can’t replace Trump with Jesus.

And that was that.

Furthermore, the ‘ol lady dropped the bomb on me!
She noticed how irratable I’ve been since I started watching the Fox News and so she changed our cable plan so I can’t watch it no more.

All the better, I was starting to feel like a caged animal. I spent the lasy two weeks reading the paper and watching “normal” news. Turns out there’s a whole world out there that Fox News hides, to keep you in that angry hypnotic state.

So that’s where I’m at now…

I got a question by email! I’ll skip the name, because it was not a very nice email. She questioned my comparing the GOP to Al Queda with a machine gun of insults.

My comparison was simple. Back in the day, Al Queda held public executions. This was a message to anyone who might question supporting them.

Today, the GOP will sponsor public executions to any other GOP member who doesn’t do what he’s told. Like Al Queda, they are sending a message to anyone who might question going along with the party. I see it as the same thing.

At the time, I thought this was a display of strength and unity and we should all be proud of that.

That email set me straight!

If I understand correctly, your supposed to do the evil, but pretend like your not. You can’t just jump on a soap box and say, “Hey, everybody, I just broke the 3rd commandment and I’m gonna break some more!”

Well, now I know!

Coming Next: Don’t count your chickens before you chicken out!

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