Shongs Part Trice


Sorry folks, looks like I took another month off and just left you guys
hangin’. Well, here’s the rest of the Shongs dream.

If you
didn’t read the last ones, your out of luck, I haven’t updated the archives for
a while…but I’ll get right on it.

Here’s a summary.
Our hero went into a trans-dimensional-time portal to make first contact with a
world from a different time and dimension. The folks there were a little
different but interesting enough. When we left off, he just got into his
time-dimensions thing-a-ma-bob and headed home with the good news that some real
nice folks were at the other end, just waiting to get a taste of good ‘ol
American technology.


You black out during the transfer. Two simultaneous jumps can be hard on a guy. Every joint in my body is aching and my head feels like its gonna explode. I push the small round door open and stumble out.

Everything is blurry and I feel like a took a couple of shoots after running a marathon.

I’m just not with it.

I look around, same warehouse that I left about a half hour ago, but where is everybody? Where’s all the stuff?

Suddenly I feel tingly, and a void of some sort opens in front of me. It’s pushing me way like a strong magnet or gravitational force. I fall to the floor and see a flash of light. That’s the last thing I remember before I black out.

“You OK?”

I look up. Nice lookin’ lady. I look closer…she’s not human.

“My name’s Fawna. You OK?” She says as she lends me a hand.

“Did something go wrong? I’m back at…at…”

“Shelan?” She added.

I think to myself, “Great, I never asked the name of the planet.”

She continued, “No, you’re back on Earth. I followed you!”
I look into her elfish eyes. These folks remind me of elves. No they don’t have pointed ears or long noses or any anti-human feature at all. Yet, when I look at one all I think of is elf. Only this time I noticed her long auburn hair hanging from her shoulders. Long and slender these creatures are, and she was no different. A smile came to my eyes. “You followed me?”

“It’s kind of a long story, but I’m very familiar with your story and I volunteered to come and well help soften the blow of your arrival.” Fawna blushed and looked away, “I guess you can say I’m a fan, I’ve always wanted to meet you.”

I couldn’t help but notice her shapely figure as she twisted her body to look away. Nice. Real nice. Like I said, I felt like I just took a couple of shots too many, so I’m easily distracted.

While admiring her figure, my mind and eyes wondered to her breasts. Like I said nice. But these if these “Shelan’s” are like plants, what’s in the breasts? If these guys photosynthesize, what would be in their female’s breasts? Plain water for their young? Would it have some kind of plant nutrients inside? Would it taste like honey-dew melon? Do they have some kind of sticky sap?

Hmmmm, I like the honey-dew melon idea.

“Ahhhhh, hello? Up here!” Fawna calls to me waving a hand over her face.

I think to myself, “Jesus, how long was I starring at her boobs?” I really don’t know.

“Sorry, just a bit groggy.”

“I bet!”

She seems more amused than mad.

“If I remember, there a pub down the street…” I start…

“Hold on there, hotshot. We gotta little work to do. Aren’t you wondering how I followed you?

“Now that you mention it, how did you follow me?”

COMING NEXT: Honeydew or Honey don’t!

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