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Guest Writers includes submissions from visitors. So far, this category includes columns by P.S. Gifford who gave us an inside look in the life of a writer. Bel Garion fancies himself a saint (I think he may be insane). And Brian Petre who shares his experiences of life on the road as a carny. Coming soon: Melissa Paternick who shares stuff I’m not comfortable telling you about.

Lunatic Ravings
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That Was A Roadtrip Column??!!

July 31, 2021

Hahahaha!Looks like Bob TRIED to write a roadtrip column and miserably failed. Go ahead and give it a read. I’ll…

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Ask Bob

The Senitram Roadtrip 2021!

July 25, 2021

You can Ask Bob a question if you want!I have a de-gree in S-C-I-E-N-C-E. I didn’t plan on writing about…

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Guest Writers

Just for you

April 17, 2021

Just for you. Have you ever wanted to murder someone? Please, please, read on for I am deadly serious. So,…

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