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Well as about six people may have noticed last week, I did not post a blog. I wrote one, but decided not to post it…it just wasn’t worth it. It was about Alberto Gonzales stepping down and Bush’s loosing administration. But five years ago, that had some shock value, now it’s just the same ol’ same ol’.

Although I did find it interesting that Greenspan finally spoke and and basically said, “It’s not my fault.” The fiscal mess is the result of out of control spending and tax cuts, when we needed to be very conservative about spending and the fiscal budget. But Cheny spoke up and explained the budget problems was caused by…yup, you guessed it 9/11.

Gee, I didn’t see that coming.

Anywho’s, I’m changing direction this week and I’m gonna blog. Just a blog to tell you what life is like for ol’ middle class wife and two kids Senitram. I got two baby gurls, one in kindergarten and one that’s a year and a half. Last week, I got a call from daycare that the littlest had a high fever and I had to got get her. So I did. I am fortunate that I have a job that lets me leave if I have too. Traditionally, I save two weeks of vacation for “kid – sick – time.”

So I pick up the kid, and she’s tired and it’s almost 11am, so I figure – early lunch time and nap, so she can fight the bug.

Lesson #1: Don’t turn your back on a 1 ½ year old.

So she’s in the high chair and I give her a little fruit (pear) and some “baby-ravioli, pick-me-ups.” Which she proceeds to throw on the floor with her milk. Then I figure, she has to eat something and she likes waffles, so I give her a waffle cut up and a baby bowl of syrup to dip it in. Then I proceed to pick up the ravioli, pear and spilled milk when I get bonked on the head.

Baby Gurl II is laughing and I have a baby-bowl of syrup on my head with syrup running down my face. My first thought is, “God-damn it!” It’s frustrating, but I know she’ll only be sick for a day or so, so I bear with it and splash water on my face and hair in the kitchen sink.

Then she starts crying because she don’t have anything left to throw on the floor. I dry off quickly and take her out of the chair and we go to the TV room and I let her play for half an hour before nap. She slept pretty good and I got short nap too, which I wouldn’t have gotten at work. When she woke up she was in good spirits and ate a whole pear.

That’s my domestic story.

Lesson #2: I’m not as young as I used to be…

That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I decided to work out with the same routine I did ten years ago it’s harsh, but I’ve been working out with warm-up weights for two years and I’m ready. Second work out was on Thursday. The routine requires three days, one hour of extreme pressure on specific muscle groups – I designed it myself. By Friday morning I woke up and felt like I was waking up from a surgery. Every muscle was sore and every movement was accompanied by a pop or a snap from some joint. It took me three days to recuperate. I’m gonna have to revise my work-out.

I started working out two years ago. One day I was brushing my teeth, shirtless, and I noticed I had man-boobs. Not the square pecks that I had when I got married, a round soft chest. That’s when I decided to work-it. I pushed my self a little hard last week, but I have to admit, after a few years of keeping at it, I look pretty good for an 80 year old man.

Lesson #3: Give your self plenty of time when you do any work on a car…

Today I went out to change brake pads on all four tires. Normally 15 minutes per tire. I’ve done it a thousand times. But I stopped between each tire and did something else. I started the last tire around 7pm – no problem. Only on this tire, the caliper was stuck and I was working outside (in the dark) until 9:30 pm.

If you don’t know what a caliper is, it doesn’t matter. Just remember, no matter how simple it may seem. Start early and try to finish early in case you run into problems.

Well that’s my report for today.

And now you know – what it’s like to be Bob Senitram.

Coming Next: Tea for the Tillerman and mail!

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