The Towing Inferno Part Two – THE BUILDING

Before I get to that towering inferno stuff, last week, I was explaining what I was doing in “THE BUILDING” when Stephen caught fire to it.

But before that, remember you can ASK BOB a question anytime you want! Use the email, it’s free! There’s no long distance fees or anything, the internet drove those guys out of business.

First, I explained how I asked a girl to my schools homecoming dance but had to get a drivers first, but I failed.

I made a new plan, I would appologize for not being able to take Starla to the big dance, but make it up too her by getting my drivers license before the big city disco dance. It was the talk of the town and a sure way to make up for not being able to go the cheesy-old homecoming dance.

Everyone was excited about the first big disco dance to be held on the top floor of the biggest building in Omaha. It was 20 stories tall!

This was a huge size building for Omaha. Back then most Omaha buildings were built out of clay bricks and mud and could only handle 2 or 3 floors at the most.

Then, Stephens father came rolling into town one day and started construction on what would become a monolith of the Omaha mud and brick skyscape.

Yup, 20 stories tall using this new fangled invention from the East called “cement”. Instead of wild-wood support beams, this monstrosity used metal beams. It was a wonder to the eyes when finished…truly cresent-fresh-at best! However, back in the 1970’s, Omaha had few construction rules and laws, since no one had ever constructed here before.

And that’s exactly why Stephen’s money mongering father choose to put his corporate headquarters here. Without regulations, he could install the cheapest escalators in town devoid of any fail-safe switches. He saved more money by not installing fire alarms, a fire sprinkler system, and fire escapes. It was the wild west as far as buildiing contractors were concerned.

This great building had condo’s, shopping malls and offices and such. On the top floor, was a great big dance hall with a real live disco ball. Before “the building”, dances and concerts were held at Bill-Joe’s barn. It had a dirt floor but we still got the big names like the Statler Brothers, the Lanny Wolfe Trio, and even Amy Grant when she first started out.

I called up my date to give her the bad news notice. She was mad at first, but when she heard about going to the big city disco dance downtown, she forgot all about that homecoming dance.

“Oh, I’m so excited Bobby! I’m going downtown to get a new dress, I can’t wait!” She told me over the phone.

Everything is going according to plan, I thought to myself.


Song in my head:

COMING NEXT: A horrible twist of fate times two!

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