My Struggle with everyday life

This is how my week went and how I managed to cope.

On Monday I attempted to fix my daughters window shade which had fallen down for the seventeenth time. Her window is indented, so there’s wall on both sides of the window. For some odd reason the makers of our home thought it would be a good idea not to provide a stud behind the sheetrock at the logical place that you would drive a nail to put up a shade. The small nails that hold the shade kept slipping out.

I thought I would fix it once and for all by mounting a hollow wall anchor. This is how it works, you drill a hole, nail in the anchor, then screw a screw into the anchor. When the screw goes in, it opens a thing behind the wall that braces the whole works. There you go, a perfect solution.

So I’m drilling the hole and the drill won’t go far enough to get the mount in. Apparently, in addition to the missing stud behind the wall, someone decided to put some sort of metal bracket about ½ inch behind the sheetrock stuff. But I don’t know that yet and I’m drillin’ and drillin’ and nothin’. It don’t go.

So I set the drill down and accidentally rub my foot against the hot drill. I swear a saw a small plum of flesh-smoke when the drill bit burned my foot. I curse and drop the whole project until another day.

On Tuesday I’m working out with weights and I guess I didn’t stretch good enough, ‘cause I pulled something on my knee and it hurts when I walk. I get a brace thingy, and now I got a big burn on one foot and a brace on the other knee.

On Wednesday I’m mowing the lawn with our electric mower and I run over the cord. At least I didn’t hurt myself.

On Thursday I’m having a nice relaxing cup of decaf tea at work and after stirring the sugar, I take a spoonful to taste. I guess I mis-judged the distance from my lips to the spoon, ‘cause I plunged my lips right into scalding hot tea, jerked back and spilled hot tea on my leg, which caused me to jump up and make quite a scene. Everybody laughed at me and my big burned lips and wet pants.

On Friday we had Chinese lunch and my fortune cookie said, “First things first.” That’s bullshit. Might as well call them bullshit cookies. Maybe next week I’ll get “Look before you leap.” Anyway, at least I didn’t get injured.

Friday night I’m working on the new blogging format so we will post our blogs like we do on, but it will be hosted by I spent two hours trying to troubleshoot a code that didn’t work right. I was obsessed with fixing this code. Only thing is, I really didn’t need it. Had I stepped back and looked at the new blogger section, I would have seen that, but I didn’t. Determine what will work best, then make that work. I was trying to make something work, then seeing if I need it. I guess the fortune cookie was right after all.

On Sunday the washing machine broke and I took it apart to change the motor coupling thing. The repairs proceeded without injury, so things are looking up!

COMING NEXT…Is it the same?

Bob Senitram

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