Baby Gurl part Duex

Well these weekly writings started as columns and ended up being blogs. So I’m gonna go ahead and make a quick post based on why I have nothing to write about, which is what most bloggers do anyway.

Four years ago marked the birth of Baby Gurl to the Senitram residence, now four days before Baby Gurls birthday we have Baby Gurl II!

I stayed home for a week to help with the recovery effort. We took turns staying up with the kid for the first few days since she doesn’t really seem to know the difference between day and night. She was up all night those first few days but now she pretty much sleeps at night with the waking and the feeding and the changing of the diapers and things such as that.

It is for the reason of staying up all night that I just didn’t have the energy to update last week; although, our faithful writers continues to update their blogs. We’re lucky that I was able to take a week off work to help the ol’ lady adjust and she’s a teacher so she gets all summer off, which is double lucky.

Now back to that immigration thing. I feel obligated to give insight since I happen to be a Hispanicano. Living in Nebraska, folks still look at me like, “What are you doing here?” Like I’m some sort of immigrant; however, my family has lived in Texas since it was part of Mexico, my dad was in Vietnam and his dad was in WWII. But still I don’t belong – weird.

Social security numbers for illegals…not a good idea. My suggestion a few weeks ago was to provide ID’s to allow folks here to work legally. But make ’em pay for the ID’s like a drivers license, just a few bucks a head goes a long way when your counting millions. Why spend money when you can make a few bucks?

Fine the companies who hire illegal workers. Why spend billions of dollars shipping folks out of the country, when you can make billions in fines to big corporations. If it becomes un-profitable to hire illegals, they’ll stop. Pay as you go…I guess it’s a concept that Republicans just hate.

It’s 11:30 at night and I get up at 6:00 am tomorrow so, so long for now!

Coming Next: Final Fantasy – The beginning

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