Bobs Guide on How to Be Human

With all the violence in society these days, I got to thinkin’, people need some rules that they can follow without all the confusion of congressional legislation. Of course, we got the ten commandments. But for a lot of folks, it just doesn’t sink in. Either that, or 10 rules is just too much to remember.

So, I came up with this simple guide.

Not to replace the ten commandments, just a simplification. Based on the 3 rules of robotics, I made these Four Rules of Humanity:

  • A human must not harm another human or thru inaction allow harm to come to another human.
  • The safety of the society outweighs the safety of the few, or the one.
  • A human must obey the laws of his government or society unless those laws contradict the second and fourth rule.
  • A human must preserve his own existence unless this law contradicts the second law.

There you have it, the rules for a perfect society.

If your familiar with the rules of robotics, you may notice that the fourth rule does not include the first law as an exclusion. This is because our world has people that will not follow these rules, you have to make allowances for self-preservation when confronted with evil.

For example, you want to preserve your own life, but to do so, you have to blow up a city. The self-preservation instinct breaks the second rule, so you don’t do it.

Now, your being attacked by an evil person who intends to kill you. You can protect yourself, because you are not held to rule #1 when self-preservation is concerned, even if that means causing harm to another human.

Now you’re in the military and for whatever reason, your commander has ordered you to open fire on innocent civilians. You’re bound to the third rule, but since you can’t break the second rule (harming society), so you can refuse. Likewise, if the military orders you to sacrifice yourself, you don’t have to because you are bound to protect your own existence (rule 4) …unless harm will come to society without the sacrifice (rule 2).

But Bob, that’s just too much to remember, you may say.

Well four rules are less than ten, but let’s make it simpler.

We all know the golden rule, but here’s a simpler version. If you can’t remember anything else, try to remember this. “Don’t be a jerk.”

That’s it.

It pretty much covers everything.

Let’s test it.

Let’s see, I want something, but I can’t or don’t want to pay…well you think about it, and nope. Stealing is a jerk move, so you don’t.

Let’s try another.

I’m married and I just met a hot chick that seems interested in me for whatever reason…well, cheating on your wife is being a number one jerk, so no…you don’t do it.

Now you’re driving, and someone cuts you off…do you shoot him? Nope that’s something a jerk would do…Do I tailgate him instead? Nope…jerk.

See it works just fine.

Stop and think, is this something a jerk would do? Chances are, if you ask yourself that question, then the answer is probably don’t do it!

Let’s try a more complicated example:
I don’t like abortions. So, I’m gonna stop other people from having abortions. Nope, making other people bend to your will is being a jerk. So, you let it go.

You don’t have to join a religion or anything! In this city of millions, you can feel so small. But you can just keep carrying on…as you are.

Just don’t be a jerk.


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COMING NEXT: Whatever other nonsense pops in my head!

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