I’m sure with the professional style writing you enjoy here at, you were not expecting a column because of the writers strike currently going on.

However, we are not effected because we don’t employ anyone despite the quality entertainment you receive on a weekly basis. But if you’ve visited our sister site / section you may have noticed that we haven’t had a new story for quite some time. This is because of the demands of having two children and me personally editing and posting each story myself.

All I can say is its my bad, but its my family or this site which brings absolutely no monetary income to the household. With that choice, I’m afraid the family wins. But now that Baby Gurl II is sleeping all night, I have energy to work on the site again.

I have big plans for 2008 with the launch of, version 3.0! I don’t want to reveal any secrets yet because I’m still seeing if I have the technical ability to pull it off…but it’s taking the site to a whole new level!

So for all you readers and writers of Science Fiction, Horror, and Comedy…we’re not dead yet.

Speaking of writers, we have suffered a bit from the strike to be perfectly honest. I don’t actually create all my own material, but I do employ one person for idea’s. He’s not really a writer, more of an idea man. In fact, I’m not really sure if he knows how to write.

His name is Angus and he enjoys a nice cigarette outside once in a while. This is where I met him.

I went outside to the gazebo where all smokers are required to go, so we don’t spread the cancer to co-workers. Anyway this guy is slept in clothes was outside by the sandy ashtray. I noticed that instead of putting a smoke in the tray he was shifting through the tray and picking out the smokes that seemed to have some promise.

I roll my own cigarettes by hand because its cheaper than paying a butt-load per pack. So he see’s me with a hand rolled filter-less cigarette and says with a big smile, “Alriiiiight, now your talking. How about a little drag?”

I explain that it’s just tobacco, and I can roll him a fresh one. So I do. He’s been my buddy ever since. As we’ve talked about this and that, I mentioned my column and after a while he started coming up with good ideas.

I think sometimes the ideas are fueled by Nyquil, chased by malt liquor…but who am I to judge? A good idea is a good idea. Well that’s our only paid – staff member.

Last Friday, he was no where to be found. Although he’s not a member of any Union, I think he’s holding back in honor of those who work for a living. What a great guy!

Anyway, this is why today’s entry sucks a big apple.

And now you know!

COMING NEXT: What happened to all those reality shows?

Bob Senitram

Webmaster and editor of I obtained a bachelor's degree in micro-biology around the turn of the century but was quickly tracked down and forced to return it to its rightful owner and pay a $25 fine. *** A fan of science fiction, I started this website in 1999 as a portal for science fiction stories that have never been published. *** Completely devoid of talent, I decided to call on the public to supply content. Shortly afterwards Stephen and I started writing weekly columns and have continued to this day.

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