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A grim affair


April 3, 2008

   For my wife and I the county of Cornwall was an ideal holiday location. Situated in the far west of England, its rugged shores and spectacular beaches had always produced the most memorable times for us. Like many other tourists, part of our affection…

Queen of the Damned

June 19, 2023

The old queen never knew what hit him when you flew from the shadows and latched onto his leathery neck.  You didn't know it was a pint and half of blood was boy blood, until you tried to toss the corpse in a garbage bin. …



June 20, 2004

By Mikel Davis “You slimy sack of fish shit!” Deputy Ploggard slammed his hairy fist down onto the grey metal table which separated the two men. His hand landed with such force that it left a fist-shaped dent in the middle of the table. The…

white room

White Room

March 30, 2005

-Strange - 2 Pages - The room was white. The walls, ceiling and floor were white. The man sitting at the white table was dressed in white.The door opened. A robot entered."Your Highness, Emperor Napoleon."The man looked up and nodded imperially at the mirrored-face. "Warden…

The Grisly Death of Chester McDonald: A Fable

December 25, 2023

Chester McDonald suffered a most horrific death. He was eaten alive by his pigs. One day he went out to slop them, but they turned on him, the shifty bastards, and they made quite the feast of him, devouring him bones and all. But unfortunately…

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Lunatic Ravings beach pic

Tasty Succulent Legs

September 25, 2005

By Stephen JohnsonPeter Frampton---"Breaking All the Rules"MoTW---"Dead & Breakfast"I missed National Talk Like a Pirate Day on 9/19. I don't know why I missed it since someone had kindly sent me a reminderthat it was coming up, and I was chock full of excitement. Yet…

psycho sermons

Catch Up e-mail

April 16, 2021

(Originally posted on 04/11/2007) I’ve decided to catch up on some e-mail.___________________________________ Dear Saint Garion, Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison? Thanks, ~Eric Dear Eric, The answer is simple: It’s because you get to…

ask bob

After 2 years, I finally get an email!

February 11, 2008

Grant from Michigan writes:A few months ago you said McCain was’t worth mentioning in the Iowa pre-vote caucus deal…now he’s the main man.What’s up with that smarty-pants!Dear Grant:I did get an email from a certain J. McCain a few months ago. And he complained about…

ask bob

Trouble again

June 26, 2007

Well now that I got my computer situation all situated, I'm writing on windows vista. It's kinda neat but, I think I need an upgraded graphic card for it to run fast. For the amount of memory it requires (512 SDRAM), it doesn't go as…

ask bob

What Is This?

April 20, 2000

Q: What's with this Weirdcrap? Where did you get the name and why do you bother? A: Good question, I can best answer your question with a song... But I don't know one. So just forget that first question, it's stupid. The name came from…