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  • The Black Noir
    -Strange – 31 Pages I was playing trombone in a Megadeth cover band when she caught my eye. She was … Read more
  • I Was A Teenage DJ
    Yup, I was a teenage DJ. NOTE: Due to a shortage of submissions, I’m posting a biographical story taken from … Read more
  • Underbelly
    Rob MorganUnderbelly Rich pressed his forehead to the rain-streaked glass. His grubby clothes scratched against his skin as the monorail … Read more
  • Demon Rising – The Awakening
    Hywel Griffiths-Strange – 18 Pages – Chapter 1: The Awakening Heinrich My stomach feels twisted tonight. We wait in the … Read more

Humor Stories

  • Confessions of a Transylvanian Urologist
    Name’s Romanovsky. Dr. Boris Sedgewick Finklemeyer Codfishpiece Romanovsky IV, to be exact. And for 35 years I was Count Dracula’s … Read more
  • Space and Stuff
    Simon carrSci-Fi – 12 Pages – Chapter 1 The Wall Copernicus is a colony on Mung. Mung is a shitty … Read more
  • Total World Domination
    I was headed towards Union Square to shop for a birthday gift for my mother. Shopping, unfortunately, has never been … Read more
  • Bacon Becomes Her
    “Brenda’s a pig!” “Roger! Aren’t you two engaged?” Tim paused mid-sip. “That’s your fiancé you’re talking about.” “I know, I … Read more

Lunatic Columns

  • More Pummelin’!
    Those boomerangs were suggestively sharpened. “W-w-w-w-w-w-hat do you want?” I asked with tonally abject fear. “Oh, you know,” he replied … Read more
  • Adventures in Telemarketing Part II
    Who am I kidding, there’s not much adventure in telemarketing. Last week, the excerpt from the ask bob column got … Read more
  • I’m back!!!
    I’m back again! I need to clear up some of the misinformation that has been written about me the last … Read more
  • Pummelin’!
    Those butter knives were positively gleaming. “W-w-w-w-w-w-hat do you want?” I asked with totally abject fear. “Oh, you know,” he … Read more

Short Attention Span Stuff

Tales of Elves and Trolls: The Crystal Goblin

Tales of Elves and Trolls picture

Join Lora and her friends as they encounter sentient trees, a deadly dragon, and mischievous goblins…a battle that could change the face of their world!  By Joshua Blanc – An Alarmingly Strange Story contributor from the very beginning!

Available Here!

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Underbelly Story img

Thousands of Fleeing Japanese

October 5, 2002

3 Pages A small dark man in a small dark room picked up his pen and wrote: In ancient times, the monsters walked among us, and it was good… Godzilla was in downtown Tokyo for the afternoon. It was something he’d made a habit of…

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Day Job Story img


June 6, 2009

 A half assed tale of unfinished business “Damn!” He spat, frozen in mid stride, he glared at the headline. He then continued to walk down the street, muttering to himself and God as he chewed more than smoked the butt end of a camel non…

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rats, rednecks, and retribution


April 12, 2006

by ROB ROSEN -Strange – 3 Pages – “Think we lost ’em, Cletus?” “Yep, Jeb. Think so. They ain’t never gonna find us up here. Countryside’s too dense and thick.” “Kinda like you, Cletus, huh?” His brother jabbed him in the ribs as they maneuvered…

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March 21, 2006

by Eddie L. Whitlock -Sci-Fi – 10 Pages – Prologue By the time the sun set on the first full day of the crisis, Sheriff Tommy Jennings was no longer convinced that it was mass hysteria. He was convinced that he had done what politicians…

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