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  • Family Secrets
    -Strange – 4 Pages – Lester walked into the wall and kept right on going. Strange as that may sound, it wasn’t all that unusual. Lester could walk through anything – walls, doors, trees, sand dunes, hotdog stands, people; you name it, Lester could walk through it. It had something to do with his innate physical make-up. Seems the atoms…
  • The Adventure of Cascadilla and Perkchip
    Jon StephensonChapter 1 I’m sorry,” said Shantulopukobeebee, “but I am no longer the man you want to marry.”Cascadilla gently placed the half-eaten chicken nugget on the Louis 20th solid silver gold oblong plate. A single tear formed in the corner of her left eye. Don’t you love me anymore?” she managed to belch out.She picked up a bon-bon and shoved…
  • The Ruin Man
    byMarri -Strange – 2 Pages Amidst the tourist clutter of Cannery Row in Monterey, hidden behind the plastic and the lights and the packaged consumer filth, always sold, there was a row of ruins. Fenced off, caged, forgotten, crumbling with rust and jagged concrete, they lay half-submerged in the rocky coast of Monterey Bay. As oblivious herds of tourists passed…
  • Sepulchural
    -Strange Category – 5 Pages “Howdie.” Looking up from the gas pump nozzle, Vincent was greeted by a plummeting red boxing glove to the face. Whump! Vincent stumbled from the strike and fell against his ’87 yellow Trans-Am. “My nose!” The attacker danced back and forth, concealing his identity behind the big, red boxing gloves. Occasionally, he’d punch the air,…

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  • History of the Earth Part II
    Last week the magical entity that appeared offered to provide me with the history of the Earth. You can Ask Bob a Question… So I said ok. He had me dig up some object deep in the ground, then he told me to plug it into my USB. “So how is this gonna work?” I asked. “The USB will provide…
  • The History of Earth, Part I
    In answering last weeks question, “Why do dogs eat shit,” I find it necessary to provide the history of our planet in order to get to the bottom of it all. After a dream about big bullum-headed, almond eyed aliens exiting a planet, I wanted answers. Then a being appeared to me and directed me to a sacred spot in…
  • What I Shall Eat During My Birthday Week
    It’s strange…. There’s quite a few people out there that want to know what I’m going to eat during my birthday week. I can’ let hem down, so here goes! SundayLasagna & Cheesesticks MondayRice & Cheese & Beef Strips Tuesday2 Omelettes WednesdayDunkin’ Donuts & Taco Bell Thursday (B’day and that other day)Merkts Wine Cheddar Cheese & Large Cheez-Its Crackers, More…
  • Ask Bob is now an AWARD WINNING COLUMN!!!
    I would like to proudly announce the management of has awarded the Ask Bob column a prestigious award. I am now the recipient of the “Flying Fickle Finger of Fate” Award. It was explained to me that the owners wanted to give me “The Finger” in a family friendly way…so this was it. Sure, it’s just a two inch…

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of squirrels and men


February 22, 2006

by The Peppercorn Kid -Humor – 5 Pages – You know what they say about squirrels and politics. But as much as I try to avoid it, there are those unfortunate times when I find myself caught in a discussion about the furry little critters….

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the judgment

The Judgment

March 1, 2006

by P.S. Gifford -Strange – 2 Pages – Frank sat there writhing in the uncomfortable old wooden chair and fidgeted awkwardly. “So am I right in assuming Mr. Frank Halford that on the night in question you were drinkin’ in the’Tar and Feathers’ public drinking…

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December 16, 2021

-Strange – 11 Pages – This story begins in the age of myth. It was a time when demons haunted nights, mushrooms housed gnomes, and knights fought dragons. I wasn’t just Anthony, I was Sir Anthony. I had just begun the fourth grade at a…

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Discourse on a Hill

August 25, 2003

“The country needs you,” the guest implored, short of breath following his lengthy climb. “An entity such as yourself should have no problem bridging the gap between our two parties. Please, accept my offer.” “I am not the man for whom you search.” “Why so…

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Tales of Elves and Trolls: The Crystal Goblin

Tales of Elves and Trolls picture

Join Lora and her friends as they encounter sentient trees, a deadly dragon, and mischievous goblins…a battle that could change the face of their world!  By Joshua Blanc – An Alarmingly Strange Story contributor from the very beginning!

Available Here!

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