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ramen accident

Truck Crashed and…

January 12, 2022


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Alarmingly Strange Stories

Queen of the Damned

June 8, 2008

 The old queen never knew what hit him when you flew from the shadows and latched onto his leathery neck.  You didn’t know it was a pint and half of blood was boy blood, until you tried to toss the…

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The Sock Puppet That Came In From The Cold (Part 1)

December 27, 2010

12 Pages Part 1 of 3: It hailed, it sleeted, it raged and blew. Then it rained, and rained some more. It rained until the sewers overflowed. Then, mercifully, Christmas Eve arrived and put its foot down. The wind and…

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Morning Bells

February 10, 2003

13 Pages Some days, especially Sunday, no one comes in. If I didn’t work here, neither would I. I find Sundays especially gloomy – but I don’t know why. The sun could be shining, and the world would open wide…

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Lunatic Columns

When You’re Strange

July 1, 2005

By Garion BelEveryone is at least a little odd nowadays, take Bob and I for example, but recently my girlfriend has run into some folks at the coffee shop that are really, really, fucked in the head. The first is…

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That Didn’t Go Well

October 30, 2021

Well, they WERE intrigued. Had outlined more stuff that would mesh in well and took a red-eye to the next state over for a meeting with the money people.Didn’t realize that jet lag was really a thing, even a couple…

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A Long Rambling About My Accident, With Two or Three Funny Bits

April 15, 2007

Lordi—The ArockalypseMoTW—GrindhouseA couple weeks ago I decided to take a few days off from my wanderingsand musings so that I could simply sit around doing nothing exceptwatching Wrestlemania (an annual household thing-to-do) and a bunch ofgames on "opening" day of…

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Short Attention Span Stuff

Slutty witch comic 2

Slutty witch 2

June 24, 2021

More Daily Demented Comics…

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Tales of Elves and Trolls: The Crystal Goblin

Tales of Elves and Trolls picture

Join Lora and her friends as they encounter sentient trees, a deadly dragon, and mischievous goblins…a battle that could change the face of their world!  By Joshua Blanc – An Alarmingly Strange Story contributor from the very beginning!

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