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Featured Fiction

MY FARM by Art Hernandez

I pressed a button on the remote control and the left quarter’s window facing the harvest appeared from behind the slowly rising radiation shutters. Outside the dome… Read More about “My Farm”

Strange Fiction

The Sock Puppet That Came In From The Cold (Part 1)

December 27, 2010

Part 1 of 3: It hailed, it sleeted, it raged and blew. Then it rained, and rained some more. It rained until the sewers overflowed. Then, mercifully, Christmas Eve arrived and put its foot down. The wind and its accomplices…

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Dirty Boy

July 5, 2008

 I never found out who brought dirty boy into our school and into my bedroom. He was covered in years of accumulated dust and filth, wedged between the cracks of my bedroom floor. His torso stuck to his legs and…

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Lunatic Columns

A Couple Big Slices

January 22, 2006

The Mahavishnu Orchestra—“The Lost Trident Sessions”MoTW—“Teachers”All that follows is as true as Part One.I suppose getting sent to rehab at such a young age would befrightening, but I found that it really wasn’t. My roommate, a 35 yearold ex-rodeo clown…

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Meatless Movie Questions

July 18, 2009

Dream Theater—Black Clouds & Silver LiningsMoTW—BMX BanditsMovie review: These three young Australians who like bicycles find somewalkie talkies in a lake and sell them around town to make money buybikes so they can race 'em and do tricks and stuff….

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Short Attention Span Stuff

Not My Kid…

April 15, 2021

My wife told me my six-year-old son wasn’t mine. Then she told me I need to be more careful at school pick up time. Source:…

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Short Attention Span Stuff


June 12, 2021

More Messed up Memes… Source: Barnorama.com

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Tales of Elves and Trolls: The Crystal Goblin

Join Lora and her friends as they encounter sentient trees, a deadly dragon, and mischievous goblins…a battle that could change the face of their world!  By Joshua Blanc – An Alarmingly Strange Story contributor from the very beginning!

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