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Science fiction is strange by nature, but for some reason, our contributors like to push the envelope. The result, some really bizarre tales told by ordinary folks who were not too shy to share.

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    Water gushes down from the showerhead onto me and my troubles are washed away.  They of course accumulate again, as does the dirt during the working day.  But a good shower – nothing beats it … Read more
  • Queen of the Damned
    The old queen never knew what hit him when you flew from the shadows and latched onto his leathery neck.  You didn’t know it was a pint and half of blood was boy blood, until … Read more
  • You can call me Al
    by Douglas L Rains -Sci-Fi – 14 Pages – Chapter 1 Johnny Meyers was hurrying home from school and he was going to be in trouble. He had to stay in detention after his last … Read more
  • The Absolute Return Of Binkle Bunny – We Really Mean It This Time Matey!
    by A.R.A. Owen A gentle breeze blew down Slag Street, dust billowing in its wake past the front doorstep of the Cummy Todge pub. Ned was just putting his Treomph Bernneville away, and he felt … Read more
  • Binkle Bunny in Super Electronic
    A.R.A. OwenIt was a lovely day and the Cummy Todge was brimming with people. Some of these people were regulars who were somewhat used to the usual insanity of the place. Most of them however … Read more
  • Zeep In The City
    -Sci-Fi – 3 Pages – Package runner Alpha One-Six, nicknamed `Zeep’ to endear him to Joe Public and his slobbering troglodyte family, had only been distracted for four hundredths of a second. But in that … Read more
  • The Theory
    -Sci-Fi – 1 Page – “Cygnus! Cygnus…please come up. Eat something.” He pulled away reluctantly from his work. She wouldn’t possibly leave him alone for any longer. He might as well brave a meal. He … Read more
  • Surprise Package
    Brian Sellnow– Sci-Fi – 1 Page – The crying was to be expected. The girls, after all, were only six years old and, despite their enhanced intelligence and intensive training, were still emotionally immature. And … Read more
    Sci-Fi – 19 Pages – An eerie light filled the bay below as the moon hung powerless in the darkened sky. Above on the cliffs alone I waited; I knew they’d be coming soon for … Read more
    Sci-fi – 17 Pages – The sun fell like a hammer into the once turquoise sea and darkness was upon us in an instant. Of course the night offered no protection from those who sought … Read more
  • Ve=E Cosmo
    Introduction This story is fiction, and like most good fiction there have to be some facts distributed throughout the tale or it just doesn’t cut it. A tale of fantasy doesn’t need facts but fiction … Read more
  • Duzzies
    Duzzies by P.S. Gifford -Sci-Fi – 1 Page – The prompt was Starlight- and I was thirty nine. It is short and admittedly clumsy- I found it on line- but aspects of it I do … Read more
  • I Want My Alien Back!
    Sci-Fi – 9 Pages “He’s not in Area 51? What do you mean he’s not in Area 51?” said Lou Diamond’s wife. “Then you better go after him.” “But, honey, I-“ “No!” she insisted angrily, … Read more

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May 9, 2004

Sci-Fi – 5 Pages – Dr. Anne Patterson stepped from the ship with reticence. After a three-month journey, they’d finally arrived. She hadn’t been sure what to expect, but it…

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March 11, 2011

Duzzies by P.S. Gifford -Sci-Fi – 1 Page – The prompt was Starlight- and I was thirty nine. It is short and admittedly clumsy- I found it on line- but…

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