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Evil Space Women

The Evil Women

May 29, 2022

Part One: Evil In the far distant future, a band of women landed in their invisible spaceship somewhere in New Jersey.Suddenly, strange cosmic rays penetrated their bodies, turning some of them to evil! Ajax, a pretty woman, but not one who had turned to evil, burst into the Captain’s cabin.”Captain, Captain, come quick! Some of us women, but not me, have turned to evil!””No! Not *choke* evil! said the Captain. “Should we defend ourselves with…

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May 16, 2022

Duzzies by P.S. Gifford -Sci-Fi – 1 Page – The prompt was Starlight- and I was thirty nine. It is short and admittedly clumsy- I found it on line- but aspects of it I do appreciate. I admit forgetting all about it. Felt I owed it one more airing. Perhaps, just perhaps I say, it is worthy to revisit, rewrite and let myeself expand upon it. ‘What a way to spend my fortieth birthday,’ Sam…

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May 1, 2022

Water gushes down from the showerhead onto me and my troubles are washed away. They of course accumulate again, as does the dirt during the working day. But a good shower – nothing beats it – not a good hard hot shower. Who can go without it and say that they’ve truly lived? The only problem is something curious happens every time I have one. I get under the showerhead on a workday morning at…

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Zeep in the City

Zeep In The City

February 13, 2022

-Sci-Fi – 3 Pages – Package runner Alpha One-Six, nicknamed `Zeep’ to endear him to Joe Public and his slobbering troglodyte family, had only been distracted for four hundredths of a second. But in that time, he’d somehow managed to collide with a stationary object; unwittingly knocking out his GPS, comm-link, and access to the central database. He’d then proceeded to take a couple of turns, which were quite possibly wrong, and found himself in…

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I Want My Alien Back

I Want My Alien Back!

February 1, 2022

Sci-Fi – 9 Pages “He’s not in Area 51? What do you mean he’s not in Area 51?” said Lou Diamond’s wife. “Then you better go after him.” “But, honey, I-” “No!” she insisted angrily, her finger outstretched and pointing at the front door. “No buts! Go back to wherever your friggin’ beer-guzzling astronaut friend left him and bring him home.  Now!” Lou Diamond could never stand up against the will-let alone the perseverance-of his…

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future city img

Creation By Fire

November 26, 2021

Sci-Fi – 26 pages – A burned and battered man turned slowly, rolling over on his back. Pain shot through his body. He started to lift his right arm, but stabbing agony shot through it, causing him to moan and clutch his arm with his other hand. The moan echoed in the burned, stinking room. “Help! Can anybody hear me?” There was a complete lack of sound around him. His voice sounded loud and out…

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Iblis Concept Angel

Iblis Concept

November 11, 2021

-Sci-Fi – 8 Pages – Humanity had sent him. Iblis was human, of course, but not Humanity. Humanity was the single, but often times conflicting, controlling entity of the universe of thought and feeling. Iblis was a mere outcast. He always had been, since his youth. And so he’d never had much contact with other forms of life; even his own. But, apparently, it was decided that he had had enough. The only time Humanity…

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October 16, 2021

Sci-Fi – 19 Pages – An eerie light filled the bay below as the moon hung powerless in the darkened sky. Above on the cliffs alone I waited; I knew they’d be coming soon for I’d seen them before. I’d seen their ugly play unfurl a thousand times, and tonight I would silence them forever. Out to sea their prey approached. With mighty sails taut against the wind she laboured. Each hold lay full of…

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Progress story pic


September 5, 2021

Sci-Fi – 5 Pages – Dr. Anne Patterson stepped from the ship with reticence. After a three-month journey, they’d finally arrived. She hadn’t been sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the beauty that greeted her. Where Earth had so long been covered with smog, filth, and an over-abundance of industry, the planet Aglaia was the complete opposite, and it was almost frightening in its freshness. It was bright, clean, and new. The two…

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Robot hand

My Farm

July 8, 2021

Sci-Fi – 3 Pages – My eyes opened slowly, and the room appeared again, the relaxant hum of the dome generators wavering through my gradually waking head – Tommy had started a fragrantly strong brew of coffee. Stretching my rested muscles for a few seconds, I lifted my one hundred and sixty pounds up off the bed and yawned. “Tommy,” I said, watching him enter my rest quarters. His one large eye was pulsating. “What’s…

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decomposition img


June 5, 2021

Sci-Fi – 12 Pages – 腐乱 By Kadath Bird & Chie Sakaguchi “Since the day we bit into the fruits of the knowledge of good and evil, mankind has known that they will only damn themselves with their own ability to create..” 地獄 (Hell) They called me cancer. As the centuries passed, it became ever more true. Patches of sand surrounded what was left of my body. I watched it slowly shift in the wind;…

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The Dance


August 15, 2011

Sci-fi – 17 Pages – The sun fell like a hammer into the once turquoise sea and darkness was upon us in an instant. Of course the night offered no protection from those who sought to destroy us, as they already knew where, if not when we were. They also knew that I could see them; or rather see where they would be and where they once were.      Together we’d dance through the days…

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Ve=E Cosmo

July 1, 2011

The time of death was set between 10:30 and 11:30 P.M.. That’s what medical examiner, Roy Tollage, told detective Robert (Buck) Bruckner from Washington Metro. “One blow to the back of the head with a heavy object, maybe a pipe or something like that.” Roy told detective Bruckner that he would have the full report on his desk in a day or two. The autopsy would be helpful but it looked like just one blow….

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Queen of the Damned

June 8, 2008

 The old queen never knew what hit him when you flew from the shadows and latched onto his leathery neck.  You didn’t know it was a pint and half of blood was boy blood, until you tried to toss the corpse in a garbage bin.  Your fingers had wrapped around something that felt like a polish sausage and you dropped it like a hot crucifix. When you got back the Den of the Brood, you…

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you can call me al

You can call me Al

March 4, 2007

by Douglas L Rains -Sci-Fi – 14 Pages – Chapter 1 Johnny Meyers was hurrying home from school and he was going to be in trouble. He had to stay in detention after his last 8th grade class because he had made a ‘not so smart’ remark to one of his teachers. He was only trying to be funny but it had backfired. Now he wasn’t going to be able to finish his chores before…

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From The Sci-Fi Archive


Barrage of the Dead

July 4, 2004

2 Pages Dan sat at his dining room table working on a new piece of origami when a mangled, bug-eyed, undead man, entered his house without knocking. Dan remained captivated by his origami and didn’t notice the zombie plodding toward him with outstretched arms. The zombie made faint gurgling sounds as it approached. It was bald except for two patches of filthy matted hair on its head. Dirt was caked all around its bloodshot eyes…

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Shadow of the Crimson Light

The Shadow of the Crimson Light

September 5, 2004

-Sci-Fi – 12 Pages – No, no and no! This is not, I repeat, not from the strains of over-working. Please, doctor, you of all people should see that I am indeed too excited and on the verge on a breakdown, but again I must implore you to believe that under no circumstances have they been resulting from years and years of scientific labor of what every man and woman seem to hold me responsible…

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