Strange Dreams

In my younger days I wasn’t as clean cut and conservative as I am today. So after a lifetime abusing drugs and alcohol, my brain is like a block of Swiss cheese. As you can imagine, this gives my subconscious plenty of space to roam around and as a result, I have some unusual dreams that sometimes meld into the real world so closely, I have to stop and think if a memory was real or just another dream.

Some are reoccurring dreams.

Like Godzilla terrorizing the town. I’m running like everyone else, but I think I’m smart and duck into a building to hide. I duck into the basement and look out a window to see if he’s going the other way, but no matter how well I’m hidden, each time, Godzilla stops, looks right at me and changes direction towards me. Then I take off running again, hide in another building, take a look, and sure enough he stops. He looks at me, and heads in my direction. In the dream, I remember the other dreams where the same thing happens over and over, and I think I should probably stop looking out the window. But then I think if I don’t he’ll come over and step on me. So I look out the window again and he stops, looks, and turns toward me again. This will keep happening over and over until I wake up.

Then there’s a reoccurring theme with my wife and me. But this one is never exactly the same. We’re always living in a different time period.

One time it was the 80s, we lived in rough neighborhood in an old house. There’s a busy street out front with traffic lights, old apartments, old houses, and small businesses. Gas stations, and cigarette shops, stuff like that.

The house was old and dilapidated. I’m frantically trying to fix it up everyday with a new task everywhere I looked. The windows leaked and needed replacing, but I was just a young kid and had no idea how to do it. The front door didn’t lock securely, and it was a bad neighborhood. I also didn’t know how to fix it, so we propped up a chair on the door handle to keep it secure. Then I checked out the basement which had a door to the backyard because the house was built on a hill. Half the windows were broken, but the door locked securely.

I remember thinking, why in the world did we buy this place? From the looks of it, it was an old house built in the 30s that was left for garbage. But it was all we could afford. The basement had huge windows, like store front windows. Then I found all these extra rooms on the right hand side, if the backyard was at your back and you were looking in. Those rooms looked like old-timey offices and they had manual typewriters from the 40s and wooden file cabinets. I looked around and noticed how the stairs going up was hidden from view if you were looking in from the windows.

It looked like, this was a business in the past, and the windows facing the backyard were really store front windows. Our front door was really the back door that led to an apartment above the store. So I go out basement door and look around. I noticed about 6 feet from the door, the trees all grew in a row about 10 feet apart. I squint, and I can see that dirt of the messy, overgrown backyard had a good 20 foot wide path where nothing but small bushes had grown. I’m convinced that this used to be the main road instead of the road out front.

I go in the basement and get a shovel and take it outside. I start digging outside the back door and about 3 feet down I find concrete. Like a pirate hunting for gold, I dig faster and faster revealing a sidewalk. I’m satisfied I solved the riddle of the weird basement and think, what in the hell happened here?

The dream in this old house seemed to last days, with me trying fix something everyday. Then one night, we hear some noise by the front door, and I go to investigate. I stop in the kitchen and look for something to arm myself with, but all I could find is a spatula. Then I hear a noise above.

There are stairs by the front Door that lead to an attic that we never investigated. Slowly, armed with the spatula, I go upstairs. I open the attic door and find the small room is filled with pillows and blankets. I mean blankets and pillows everywhere, so there’s no floor. Just pillows. I find a startled young lady in her twenties, sitting on some pillows, covered in blankets for warmth.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“Hi, don’t worry, I, I just have been living here for the last 6 months. Nobody used to live here, and I just set myself up upstairs. When you moved in, I just tried to keep my space. Sorry for scarring you!”

“Uuum, ok. Your not going to kill us in our sleep are you? I reply.

“I haven’t so far, have I?” She answered.

“Ok. I’ll let my wife know…” I say as I head back downstairs.

“Did you find something? You were gone a while.” My wife says sleepily.

“Uuuuuhhhh, there’s a girl living in our attic.”

“Really?” She replies.


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