Excuses, excuses, excuses

Song in my head:
You see him hatin’,
Trying to catch me ridin’ dirtay…

Don’t know who sang that last one, but I hears it on the radio ever so often.

For those who visit TheWeirdcrap.com regularly… I am the editor and my busy schedule has left me no choice but lower the site on my priority pole. I’ll try to keep writing my blog weekly, but you may only see a new story once a month for a little while. If you go to the Alarmingly Strange Stories Archives, you’ll notice the same thing happened when my toddler was born (2002).

This is what I learned last week (one newborn) + (one toddler) = (zero time). I tried a few variations, like (one newborn) + (one toddler) – (one chore) = (zero time) + (time used for the one chore); whereas, (time used for the one chore) = (theweirdcrap update time). However, this is what really happened, (one newborn) + (one toddler) – (one chore) = (zero time) + (three beers).

Also, my computer crashed twice, once as a warm up then once for good. I had to replace the operating system as the windows repair mode wouldn’t do the trick. As a result, I had to reenter 4 months of budget updates, then do the windows updates and reload TheWeirdcrap.com from the server to my PC. Pluse I re-hashed my resume so I’m ready to look for better work if needed. With all that, I guess being lost for one month is not that bad.

Sorry for the neglect, bedtimes in half an hour and I’m gonna do some site maintenance before bedtime.


COMING NEXT: movies!!!

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