Humor is why we’re here! We all need a good laugh once in a while!

Humor is why we’re here! We all need a good laugh once in a while!

A great collection of nonsensical short stories. We started back in the day with a competition to see who could create the most bizarre, funny story. A recipe for disaster! But we ended up with some of the most weird, entertaining stories that we’ve ever read.

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The Adventure of Cascadilla and Perkchip

November 10, 2022

15 Pages Chapter 1 I’m sorry,” said Shantulopukobeebee, “but I am no longer the man you want to marry.”Cascadilla gently placed the half-eaten chicken nugget on the Louis 20th solid silver gold oblong plate. A single tear formed in the corner of her left eye. Don’t you love me anymore?” she managed to belch out.She picked up a bon-bon and shoved it violently into her mouth.”What happened between us?” she asked as a small dribble…

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the boy who couldn't recycle

The Boy Who Couldn’t Recycle

September 19, 2022

-Humor – 1 Page And now the story of Buildrock Mane. Buildrock Mane was a little boy with a long name. He could run really fast. He ran as fast as most people can breathe, or as fast as a fish can swim in a tank of Berrysaurus Rex Kool-Aid. He loved to run. Zipping up and down hills, his arms trailing limply behind him, his hair shaved off in clumps by the wind. That’s…

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six arms and a game of pinochle

Six Arms And A Game Of Pinochle

August 15, 2022

1 Page Doug had never really liked Ernie. He was an okay guy most times, if a little omnipresent. Maybe it was Doug’s fault for always picking him out in a crowd. Or maybe Ernie was actually everywhere. Then again, maybe it was the four extra arms that threw Doug for a loop. You see, Ernie is a god. Not a very important one, probably why he was still in high school. But, nonetheless, he…

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Eat Pete

Eat Pete

July 3, 2022

-Humor – 5 Pages – Mary Beth awoke with a start. “What the fu…,” she said, groggily. She looked around and realized immediately that it had been a dream. But what a strange dream it was. Stranger than most, to be sure. Not necessarily a nightmare; more of a disturbance. After all, it’s not often you hear a voice in your head telling you to, “Eat Pete”. Least that’s what Mary Beth thought she heard….

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chick shit

How to not be a cretin, and give into passion. Also entitled: How to Meet Strange People

June 9, 2022

2 Pages I wandered into the kitchen, and there, was an old man sitting at a large table sorrounded by a full breakfast. He held a banana, like you would a handgun, and followed me around the room with it. BANG! He laughed at his own joke until it became unbearably awkward. I tried earnestly to avoid eye contact, but he seemed like a reasonable sort of fellow, so I eventually gave up, he had…

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Evil Space Women

The Evil Women

May 29, 2022

Part One: Evil In the far distant future, a band of women landed in their invisible spaceship somewhere in New Jersey.Suddenly, strange cosmic rays penetrated their bodies, turning some of them to evil! Ajax, a pretty woman, but not one who had turned to evil, burst into the Captain’s cabin.”Captain, Captain, come quick! Some of us women, but not me, have turned to evil!””No! Not *choke* evil! said the Captain. “Should we defend ourselves with…

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Fabrications of Deranged Idiosyncracy

April 20, 2022

14 Pages Part 1: A Family Feud Government officials and those who remember the event, well, seem to agree that the boiling point, at least in the Smith house, occurred on a Sunday morning on the 12th of April. The location was Cory’s room. Cory’s pit. Cory’s revolting cesspool. Mary Ann Smith, the mother of a sloth-like, ignorant bastard son, saw the unearthly mess Cory had made out of his room. The floor was sticky…

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The Weird World of Today Story img

The weird world of today With extracts from a frozen pizza factory

March 9, 2022

-Humor – 2 Pages Chapter 1 – Attack of the weird blue scraggy thing from outer space The blue scraggy thing ate his cereal and looked up. Outside against the silver metallic landscape lay a team of archaeologist greenfly. Unknown to the blue scraggy thing they were singing ring-a-ring-a-roses in remembrance of the great dragonfly of 202021 Ano Dominoes, who were believed to be the deadliest of dominoes around at that time. The blue scraggy…

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lock stock and barrel

Lock, Stock, and Barrel

February 6, 2022

-Strange – 6 Pages – “Get out before I toss you out on your fat ass,” my wife shouted at me during one of her frequent tirades. Smart man that I am, I obeyed. To tell you the truth, when she got in one of her dark moods, it was always best to put some distance between us. Luckily, the local watering hole, Eddie’s, was only a half a mile away – plenty distance enough…

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Binkle Bunny in Dead People Taste Funny

January 19, 2022

Andrew R.A. Owen – Humor – 6 Pages – The sun was setting over the Cummy Todge public house and a gentle wind whistled across the grass plains. Binkle Bunny sat outside on a bench, the fading light glistening off his metal parts and in his one infra-red eye. “What a beautiful, nay what a peaceful night.”

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Space and Stuff

January 2, 2022

Sci-Fi – 12 Pages – Chapter 1 The Wall Copernicus is a colony on Mung. Mung is a shitty planet. That’s why they called it Mung. They were trying to think of something nice and Latin sounding like Mungolytude or something but they had named, like, forty planets that morning and couldn’t be bothered with the shitty ones. The colony runs quite well. There’s an order and structure to it. Inside the colony, you have…

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Adventures of a dead duck

The Adventures of A Dead Duck

December 3, 2021

-Humor – 3 Pages – Ick Bollard had waited a long time for this. Longer than he could actually remember. And that was a long time. Ick didn’t know how long, because he’d forgotten how to tell the time, but he knew he’d waited a good while. Ages. Aeons maybe, even though he had no idea how long that was. But it sounded like it was along time, so he’d go with that.Ick Bollard had…

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The Do It Yourselfer

October 29, 2021

Humor – 4 Pages – “When we finally came to rest, I was spread-eagled over an obese, senile naked lady in a lake of diarrhea..” I’m proud of the fact that I’m self sufficient in the ED. And it irritates the fire out of me to see prima donnas, read surgeons, come into the department and require the entire staff to follow them around to do little things they could do for themselves. Perhaps I…

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my robot is bad img

My Robot is Bad

October 4, 2021

Humor – 5 Pages – I arrived back at my hotel to find a message had been slipped under my door, but I forget about it because there is also a woman bound up, inverted, and hanging from my ceiling, the ropes covering very little of her naked flesh. I don’t know whether to call for help, tell her to get the hell out of my hotel room, or cut her down and fuck her….

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Kenny the Koala

Kenny the Koala 2: Electric Boogaloo

August 18, 2021

By Jon Stephenson “Oh, Kenny,” she said, as the tears streamed down her face. “I just saw the most horrible thing! I saw those human animals in the woods and they had these big yellow things with them!”

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From The Fun Archive

Work It

January 15, 2009

Work It Danny put the exercise video in, took a deep breath, then pushed play on the remote.  In moments Johnny Black was on the screen surrounded by his troupe of girls, all of them ready to sweat to the rhythm of cheesy bebop music. “Are you ready to sweat?,” he said pointing through the screen at Danny. “Y-yea,” Danny croaked in a whisper trying to get in the mood of things. “Alright, Let’s get…

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The Legend of Bobbi-Jo

May 2, 2000

Humor – 7 Pages – I was 18 years old when my mother spontaneously combusted. As it happened I was enjoying my morning breakfast of Grape Nuts and Lucky Charms coated with melted butter. No milk was involved. My Mommy had dropped an Eggo on the floor. Obscenities strained my ears as she and Bobby-Jo, my pet ferret, wrestled over it. I was reading the back of the Mueslix box when I saw a bright…

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