Humor is why we’re here! We all need a good laugh once in a while!

Humor is why we’re here! We all need a good laugh once in a while!

A great collection of nonsensical short stories. We started back in the day with a competition to see who could create the most bizarre, funny story. A recipe for disaster! But we ended up with some of the most weird, entertaining stories that we’ve ever read.

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Binkle Bunny in Dead People Taste Funny

January 19, 2022

Andrew R.A. Owen – Humor – 6 Pages – The sun was setting over the Cummy Todge public house and a gentle wind whistled across the grass plains. Binkle Bunny sat outside on a bench, the fading light glistening off his metal parts and in his one infra-red eye. “What a beautiful, nay what a peaceful night.”

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Space and Stuff

January 2, 2022

Sci-Fi – 12 Pages – Chapter 1 The Wall Copernicus is a colony on Mung. Mung is a shitty planet. That’s why they called it Mung. They were trying to think of something nice and Latin sounding like Mungolytude or something but they had named, like, forty planets that morning and couldn’t be bothered with the shitty ones. The colony runs quite well. There’s an order and structure to it. Inside the colony, you have…

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Adventures of a dead duck

The Adventures of A Dead Duck

December 3, 2021

-Humor – 3 Pages – Ick Bollard had waited a long time for this. Longer than he could actually remember. And that was a long time. Ick didn’t know how long, because he’d forgotten how to tell the time, but he knew he’d waited a good while. Ages. Aeons maybe, even though he had no idea how long that was. But it sounded like it was along time, so he’d go with that.Ick Bollard had…

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The Do It Yourselfer

October 29, 2021

Humor – 4 Pages – “When we finally came to rest, I was spread-eagled over an obese, senile naked lady in a lake of diarrhea..” I’m proud of the fact that I’m self sufficient in the ED. And it irritates the fire out of me to see prima donnas, read surgeons, come into the department and require the entire staff to follow them around to do little things they could do for themselves. Perhaps I…

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my robot is bad img

My Robot is Bad

October 4, 2021

Humor – 5 Pages – I arrived back at my hotel to find a message had been slipped under my door, but I forget about it because there is also a woman bound up, inverted, and hanging from my ceiling, the ropes covering very little of her naked flesh. I don’t know whether to call for help, tell her to get the hell out of my hotel room, or cut her down and fuck her….

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Evil Lesbian image

The Evil Lesbians

August 29, 2021

Part One: Evil Humor – 2 Pages – In the far distant future, a band of Lesbians landed in their invisible spaceship somewhere in New Jersey.Suddenly, strange cosmic rays penetrated their bodies, turning some of them to evil! Ajax, a pretty lesbian, but not one who had turned to evil, burst into the Captain’s cabin.”Captain, Captain, come quick! Some of us lesbians, but not me, have turned to evil!””No! Not choke evil! said the Captain….

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Kenny the Koala

Kenny the Koala 2: Electric Boogaloo

August 18, 2021

By Jon Stephenson “Oh, Kenny,” she said, as the tears streamed down her face. “I just saw the most horrible thing! I saw those human animals in the woods and they had these big yellow things with them!”

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Binkle Bunny in Super Electronic

June 13, 2021

Humor – 4 Pages – It was a lovely day and the Cummy Todge was brimming with people. Some of these people were regulars who were somewhat used to the usual insanity of the place. Most of them however were the unfortunate victims of chance, blissfully unaware that they were in danger of leaving the establishment gibbering like halfwits. Ned squoze past Fauna holding a tray of drinks. He wasn’t too impressed at playing waiter…

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The Legend of Bobbi-Jo

May 15, 2021

Humor – 7 Pages – I was 18 years old when my mother spontaneously combusted. As it happened I was enjoying my morning breakfast of Grape Nuts and Lucky Charms coated with melted butter. No milk was involved. My Mommy had dropped an Eggo on the floor. Obscenities strained my ears as she and Bobby-Jo, my pet ferret, wrestled over it. I was reading the back of the Mueslix box when I saw a bright…

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Head in the Sand

February 15, 2010

Head in the sand by CMR Once upon a time there was an ostrich.  The ostrich had no concerns and was content to while away it’s days with it’s head in the sand.  It would awaken that way in the mornings and drift to sleep that way at night.  During the day it would seek out new sand to enjoy.  It was at peace with itself and the world around it.Then one day a man…

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From The Fun Archive

Kenny the Koala

Kenny The Koala

January 25, 2000

by Jon Stephenson 1 Page Kenny the koala lived in a great, big forest with many other koala bears. Every day Kenny would wake up and climb his favorite tree. He would sit in the tree the whole day and eat tasty leaves. One day when Kenny climbed his tree, he noticed that all the leaves were gone. Upset, he looked around and saw that there were many trees that had leaves, but they also…

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Day Job Story img

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

February 15, 2001

1 Page He’s lugging this suitcase, the first time I see him. It’s a huge brown monstrosity, this suitcase, and probably weighs more than its contents. He’s covered it with stickers of the places that he’s been, like he needs to reassure himself of his past, to check he actually exists. I can dig that. We all need a little reassurance every now and then. I’m reading this magazine, well, I say reading it but…

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