Just give ‘em a big hug.

Obama finally picked his running mate in the Presidential campaign. Seems like Edwards was out and Hillary’s campaign was too vicious for her to get picked.

His choice shows a lot of character because Biden isn’t a “yes-man” and he’s not going to agree with anything the boss says in the white house. With Obama’s swelling popularity, it would be hard to find someone who isn’t a “yes-boss” type of guy, but he did it. This is important, because in light of the last eight years, the nation really needs someone who will listen and doesn’t surround himself with a few that tell him what to do, and all the others who agree to anything.

Since this is the exact opposite of the Bush’s Presidency, hopefully, we’ll get the exact opposite results.

The race will get tougher, because I don’t think McCain will pick a “yes-man” either.

Politics aside, I’ve been thinking about our concept of religion.

While watching “Big Love”, the story of a Mormon man with many wives, an idea popped into me head. One of Bill Paxton’s wives is approached by a traditional Mormon who keeps pushing the idea that she should join the “One True Church of God.”

Then I realized that everyone says they’re church is the one true church, and wondered why someone can’t be a member of a church that they’re comfortable with and just accept that other people may like a different church. Why is it so hard to grasp that these are just different ways of worshiping the same God? Why does one have to be better than the other? It’s kind of like Bush saying that America owns the one true form of Democracy that all countries must embrace. Seems like one would be as good as the other.

Back in the old days there were many Gods, then the single God theory seemed to really take root. It makes sense, one universe, one God. But what if we changed our understanding of physics and added negative numbers to the not-so-workable universal field theory. This would allow us to travel back in time as well as the existence of several universes. Our hardly understood universe would give way to an even lesser known multiverse.

Now if you like the idea of one universe one God, then maybe there is more than one God. One for each universe. Then there would have to be a Multi-God, who is in charge of all Gods and all universes, now we’re back where we started from with Zues and his lesser gods.

Gathering from what we know about how life forms and adapts on earth, my guess is Zues is a believer in the survival of the fittest. So why would he dump a universe on some underserving god when he could make them compete. This would insure that each universe got the best god for the job.

I visualize a scene like “Mad Max in Thunderdome” where Zues says, “Two Gods go in, only one god comes out.” This leaves us where we are now. One good God who most pray to, and the not so good one who less people worship. Looks like to me the good one is winning, but hasn’t won yet. One of the Gods will have to be completely destroyed because as Tina Turner said, “…only one comes out.”

The New Testament says the Devil is just a powerful fallen Angel, but seems like with the power he posses he’s most likely a god sent to battle with the good god the gain control of our universe.

Who knows maybe in some distant galaxy the Devil has already won. Maybe Earth is the good Gods last stand? Maybe its just one of many battles not won yet.

Maybe folks we thought were simpletons for believing in many Gods, are actually one step ahead of us and we’re the simpletons for not comprehending our complicated universe .

Maybe all the fighting in the world between folks who worship the same good god, is orchestrated by the bad god in order to gain control.

Maybe the hippies were right, violent forces just need a flower and a hug.

COMING NEXT…Jennifer Juniper.

Bob Senitram

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