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Beyond the Twilight Zone.
Behind the Black Mirror…

From mythical characters coming to life, to life experiences that twist to the supernatural. There’s a power and weight to weird fiction that engages the subconscious. This is a world where things don’t quite add up, the narrative might not be what you expect, and in this space, you’ll find some of the most powerful examples of what it means to be human… or inhuman.

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  • The Black Noir
    -Strange – 31 Pages I was playing trombone in a Megadeth cover band when she caught my eye. She was sitting across the crowded smoky bar drinking something wet and pink. I knew right away … Read more
  • I Was A Teenage DJ
    Yup, I was a teenage DJ. NOTE: Due to a shortage of submissions, I’m posting a biographical story taken from four Ask Bob columns, written a year ago. If you would like to share your … Read more
  • Underbelly
    Rob MorganUnderbelly Rich pressed his forehead to the rain-streaked glass. His grubby clothes scratched against his skin as the monorail bucked over a siding. The people around him jolted in unison, hanging heavily on plastic … Read more
  • Demon Rising – The Awakening
    Hywel Griffiths-Strange – 18 Pages – Chapter 1: The Awakening Heinrich My stomach feels twisted tonight. We wait in the darkness, myself and several others scattered amongst the undergrowth. Elsewhere more soldiers wait but to … Read more
  • Deli
    By D. Harlan Wilson The cashier is wearing a necklace that is supporting his late girlfriend’s bleeding heart. He strangled her during his lunch break after she admitted she had been sleeping with the deli’s sandwich maker. After strangling her, he calmly used a butcher’s knife to slice open her chest and remove her heart. He attached the heart to a string of leather, bowed his head, and slipped the necklace on, delighting in the symbolic nature of the act. Then he tossed his girlfriend’s mangled corpse into a dumpster…
  • Level Nine
    -Strange – 1 page – Elizabeth all at once had opened her eyes and felt strangely rested. She allowed her retinas to adjust to the bright warm light and began to scrutinize her unexpected surroundings. … Read more
  • Sympathy for the Devil
    Rance Treakle1 Page I thought the devil was red and had a tail. I had braced myself for His appearance, His style, even His odor if need be. So what happens when I call Him? … Read more
  • The Tadpole Revolution
    Jimmy K. heard of the eating establishment known as Tadpoles and decided to give it a try one sultry evening in mid-August. The restaurant was in a nondescript part of town, really quite close to … Read more
  • Family Secrets
    -Strange – 4 Pages – Lester walked into the wall and kept right on going. Strange as that may sound, it wasn’t all that unusual. Lester could walk through anything – walls, doors, trees, sand … Read more
  • The Ruin Man
    byMarri -Strange – 2 Pages Amidst the tourist clutter of Cannery Row in Monterey, hidden behind the plastic and the lights and the packaged consumer filth, always sold, there was a row of ruins. Fenced … Read more
  • Sepulchural
    -Strange Category – 5 Pages “Howdie.” Looking up from the gas pump nozzle, Vincent was greeted by a plummeting red boxing glove to the face. Whump! Vincent stumbled from the strike and fell against his … Read more
  • The Escape
    Tom Shay 9 Pages While waiting for dinner, I realize my entire life is bullshit. I stare at Denise across the plush table set for four. Our wineglasses are full, and we’d been having a … Read more
  • The Prey
    Nikolay Terekhin-Strange – 1 Page – Dalibor bent over to catch his breath. His throat felt ragged, as though the air was scratching it. His heart was pounding in his chest, his head was spinning, … Read more
  • After Death
    Chapter 1: The Scouts -Strange – 13 Pages – Victor Our horses burst from the woods, hooves pounding against the soil and throwing up the turf in thick chunks. My mount had been spurred with … Read more
  • The Ringing of the Bells
    -Strange – 9 Pages – The Ringing of the Bells: Part I The city of Laketown was awakened abruptly by the ringing of the bells. A thunderous roar resounded across the entire city, from the … Read more

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This Time I’ve Gone Too Far

December 28, 2008

NOTE: The following short was originally posted on the “Ask Bob” column on 12/28/2008, I thought it would fit in nicely here…Bob S. A few days ago I got a nice…

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short tale of dysfunction


May 11, 2009

            More fighting.  Always fighting.  It is the only appropriate verb to describe what is obscurely known as the “Relationship.”             Fighting during the day, at night, before bed, often…

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