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From mythical characters coming to life, to life experiences that twist to the supernatural. There’s a power and weight to weird fiction that engages the subconscious. This is a world where things don’t quite add up, the narrative might not be what you expect, and in this space, you’ll find some of the most powerful examples of what it means to be human or inhuman.

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family secrets

Family Secrets

November 26, 2022

-Strange – 4 Pages – Lester walked into the wall and kept right on going. Strange as that may sound, it wasn’t all that unusual. Lester could walk through anything – walls, doors, trees, sand dunes, hotdog stands, people; you name it, Lester could walk through it. It had something to do with his innate physical make-up. Seems the atoms that comprised his body were spaced farther apart than normal, so that when he encountered…

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the ruin man

The Ruin Man

October 27, 2022

byMarri -Strange – 2 Pages Amidst the tourist clutter of Cannery Row in Monterey, hidden behind the plastic and the lights and the packaged consumer filth, always sold, there was a row of ruins. Fenced off, caged, forgotten, crumbling with rust and jagged concrete, they lay half-submerged in the rocky coast of Monterey Bay. As oblivious herds of tourists passed by one night, a teenaged girl inched on hands and knees along the top of…

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Trans AM


October 14, 2022

-Strange Category – 5 Pages “Howdie.” Looking up from the gas pump nozzle, Vincent was greeted by a plummeting red boxing glove to the face. Whump! Vincent stumbled from the strike and fell against his ’87 yellow Trans-Am. “My nose!” The attacker danced back and forth, concealing his identity behind the big, red boxing gloves. Occasionally, he’d punch the air, exhaling with every strike. “Said ‘howdie!'” he puffed. Blood streamed from Vincent’s mangled nose as…

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The Escape

September 8, 2022

9 Pages While waiting for dinner, I realize my entire life is bullshit. I stare at Denise across the plush table set for four. Our wineglasses are full, and we’d been having a great time. Except that we are still waiting for Mr. Brothers, my boss, to show up and give me the raise and promotion, officially making me the general manager of Cassull-Thomas department store. Denise is still talking. Waving her long, supple fingers…

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Video Store

Morning Bells

July 30, 2022

Strange – 13 Pages Some days, especially Sunday, no one comes in. If I didn’t work here, neither would I. I find Sundays especially gloomy – but I don’t know why. The sun could be shining, and the world would open wide with a smile, and I would say, “Dude, tomorrow’s Monday. Since I work Sundays, my week runs together; smashed like a train wreck where Saturday is the way in or out. But I…

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Strings Attached

Strings Attached

June 20, 2022

5 Pages She has been fighting it for weeks now, the broody, hungry emotion that came to her when it was past time to have a man. She had ignored the feeling as long as she could because she didn’t want it. She had never liked the consequences of fulfillment but her body would not listen to intellectual denial – it never did. Once upon her, the instinct increased until it tortured her days and ruined…

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the prey

The Prey

April 11, 2022

-Strange – 1 Page – Dalibor bent over to catch his breath. His throat felt ragged, as though the air was scratching it. His heart was pounding in his chest, his head was spinning, and his calves were burning. He let his bag drop off of his shoulder and sat down next to it on the ground, which was all a coarse black rock. It came out of the mouth of the cave and extended…

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the mission

The Mission

April 4, 2022

-Strange – 8 Pages – The cold dark basement smelled of rotting mold and stagnant water. Cobwebs lined the floor joists above moving only slightly to the wind of Larry’s breath. A pinprick of light showed through small holes in a window that had been painted black. The rest of the small dirt basement floor was mostly in shadow, but as his eyes grew accustomed to the dark Larry could make out the shapes of…

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after death

After Death

March 21, 2022

Chapter 1: The Scouts -Strange – 13 Pages – Victor Our horses burst from the woods, hooves pounding against the soil and throwing up the turf in thick chunks. My mount had been spurred with a shout to drive her onwards, to carry me as I duck and dodge the branches that whip past and, on occasion, sting at my flesh. Her eyes are wide with adrenalin, her snorts taking in deep gulps of much…

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a tapping

A Tapping

February 27, 2022

-Strange – 2 Pages – A tapping, delicately, on my back. I am sitting up on a table, feeling gentle taps on my back, watching a series of images; myriad tables receding into infinity, like two mirrors facing each other. Farmers milking cows; on each table, a person is sitting up and examined by a small, slim, white, intent, fragile, large eyed creature. Their fingers probe lightly, gently, purposely, like playing a piano. They are…

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Demon Rising – The Awakening

February 15, 2022

-Strange – 18 Pages – Chapter 1: The Awakening Heinrich My stomach feels twisted tonight. We wait in the darkness, myself and several others scattered amongst the undergrowth. Elsewhere more soldiers wait but to our eyes the night only paints images to play on the mind. Bushes are dark and twisted whilst shadows flicker from the fire that burns beyond. The older trees, dying and leafless, are clawed monsters stalking the prey that we are….

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The ringing of the bells

The Ringing of the Bells

January 10, 2022

-Strange – 9 Pages – The Ringing of the Bells: Part I The city of Laketown was awakened abruptly by the ringing of the bells. A thunderous roar resounded across the entire city, from the West wall to the Lake Gate and Fish Port. Every citizen was alerted, as though with shouts from above. “TREA-SON! TREA-SON! TREA-SON!” It started from the Blue Palace on Crown Hill. Then it echoed from the Tower of the Guard….

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December 16, 2021

-Strange – 11 Pages – This story begins in the age of myth. It was a time when demons haunted nights, mushrooms housed gnomes, and knights fought dragons. I wasn’t just Anthony, I was Sir Anthony. I had just begun the fourth grade at a new elementary school. My dad drove me over in the morning when he wasn’t too hung over and after school I walked home alone. I didn’t talk to many kids…

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Fake Tan Story img

Fake Tan

December 14, 2021

Strange – 3 Pages Mary was an attractive girl of nineteen years of age, although she was single and jobless she was never lonely or penniless. Always, Mary had the latest fashionable clothes, no matter what the price. A girl going places or so one was led to believe. You could always find Mary at the weekends down at the local pub, her glass rarely empty. Invariably she would be surrounded by plenty of potential…

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November 17, 2021

-Strange Stories – 21 Pages – In the cigarette smoke there were pictures. And as the smoke rose and dissipated, so the pictures faded and were gone. At the window a view of the old gate in the field unused. Beyond the gate the fields rolled on forever. These were the meadows for the pathways of the travelers or perhaps they were pathways for the meadows themselves untraveled. In the shadows of the sun lay…

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From The Strange Archive

Mr. SockForAhead

The Sock Puppet That Came In From The Cold (Part 3)

December 27, 2010

7 Pages Part 3 of 3: Sally drove her Volkswagen Golf through what had now become a blizzard. Snow fell relentlessly, covering the streets and making visibility downright invisible. To make matters worse, the streets were icy beneath the snow. The small car treated corners as if they were an option, and often skidded into the opposite lane while taking them. “Slow down, can’t you?” said Peter, white-knuckling it in the passenger seat. “We want…

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functional family image

Functional Family

September 20, 2004

2 Pages Writers struggle for the right words, the right feeling. It isn’t always easy and often, life is a series of struggles that have to be overcome. For one young writer, his family shares in his downfall. Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell is slowly coming to an end in this idyllic setting. The strings and seventies flange slowly settles. His family is sitting around the dinner table waiting for Glen to wrap up his…

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