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November 17, 2021

-Strange Stories – 21 Pages – In the cigarette smoke there were pictures. And as the smoke rose and dissipated, so the pictures faded and were gone. At the window a view of the old gate in the field unused. Beyond the gate the fields rolled on forever. These were the meadows for the pathways of the travelers or perhaps they were pathways for the meadows themselves untraveled. In the shadows of the sun lay…

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Tasteless Joe

Tasteless Joe

November 2, 2021

Strange – 7 Pages – Joseph Mellon appeared like all the other babies in the sandbox. He was cute and cuddly and round and happy; happy eating sand, that is. Oh sure, babies are famous for sticking just about anything in their mouths, but little Joey wasn’t simply tasting the sand, he was eating it as if it were the finest Gerber baby food on the market. His mother, though concerned, wasn’t overly worried. “It’s…

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Mr. SockForAhead

Mr. Sockforahead – The Series

October 9, 2021

Strange – 9 Stories, 66 Pages – Mr. Sockforahead came from the imagination of a young man named Joshua Blanc back in 2000. As he matured, so did his writing skills. However, his imagination remained intact as his creativity thrived. As the years passed he ended up writing 10 Mr. Sockforahead stories. Recently I realized few people had appreciated his series as I have, because many problably didn’t read them in sequence. So now, for…

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stuck in a cliche


September 23, 2021

Strange – 9 Pages – The inside was dark. The Man With The Mustache woke up and saw nothing but a dimly lit wooden plank.  If he was smarter, or at least well versed in the English language, he may have thought the sight of nothing more than a dimly lit wooden plank was a bit ominous.  But he was not an altogether smart man, nor was he well versed in any language, let alone…

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five tiny dwarves

Five Tiny Dwarves, a Circle, a Cat, and the Girl Who Saw it All

September 17, 2021

Strange – 4 Pages – Part I The little girl found a nice place in the grass and sat down near the stream. The sun was setting and the faint smell of a forest fire filled her nostrils. “A full moon!” she said aloud, smiling at the sky. As she watched the giant, pale circle move slowly across the sky she caught glimpse of another curious sight. In a high tower against the mountainside, five…

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Change of Image

August 8, 2021

Strange – 5 Pages – For one man it was his office. For the other, it was just another place to vent. Books line the entire office wall. The man behind the desk was immaculately dressed. The other looked like a grunge fan. His clothes were beyond worn. “What the FUCK are they doing to me!” The young writer, in the natty clothing, paced the length of the office. “Calm down…it’ll be okay…it’s just…” The…

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Little Affection

August 7, 2021

by Andrew Nellis In the box are the few pathetic remnants of her childhood. School year-books, some cheap junk jewelry, all the detritus left behind on the road to adulthood. And her diaries. She has not looked in the box…

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stool pigeon


July 23, 2021

Strange – 10 Pages – It never occurred to me that Norman would chicken out and become a stool pigeon.  He was aggressive, a good athlete, a gambler,  (for baseball cards and streetcar transfers), a veteran explorer of our neighborhood and Crotona Park. He was a very persuasive talker, a take-over guy and besides, he loved banana and mustard sandwiches. It was his idea that we organize a trip to the Floyd Bennett Airport.  When…

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Mr. SockForAhead

The Return Of Mr. Sockforahead

June 13, 2021

Strange – 4 Pages – Daniel stood before the mirror in his rumpled suit. It didn’t fit him as well as it used to – he’d lost some weight. He slicked back his thinning dark hair and straightened his clip-on tie. Today was special; today he was free. More importantly, he was cured. He turned and looked distastefully at the drab grey smock laying folded on the bed. He’d worn for it for the last…

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A grim affair


April 3, 2021

   For my wife and I the county of Cornwall was an ideal holiday location. Situated in the far west of England, its rugged shores and spectacular beaches had always produced the most memorable times for us. Like many other tourists, part of our affection for Cornwall lay in its wild frontier spirit. There was the aire of an outpost here, an atmosphere that reluctant city dwellers found quite irresistible.

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June 20, 2004

2 Pages “You slimy sack of fish shit!” Deputy Ploggard slammed his hairy fist down onto the grey metal table which separated the two men. His hand landed with such force that it left a fist-shaped dent in the middle of the table. The noise which followed echoed off the flimsy steel like a thunder effect from old time radio, reverberating off the tiled walls of the interrogation room. “I’m onto yer game, you.” Jerry…

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The Serial Killer Next Door

June 27, 2011

The Serial Killer Next Door by P.S. Gifford © 2005________________________________________“There is a serial killer living next door,” Fred tried to explain. “What?” His half asleep wife Hilda replied from their deluxe queen four poster bed.“I said there is a serial killer living next door.” “Go back to sleep,” Hilda scowled revealing her distinct lack of teeth. “You are bloody hopeless!” She then added entirely for good measure. As she pulled the pink, flower decaled sheet…

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