Fiction, Covid, and Midterms…Oh, my!

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Anyways, that’s enough about that.

Since we got these big mid-terms coming up I thought I’d talk about that a little bit…but first…


Lordy, lord…no!

When I first got the positive test, I got to thinking…Oh, no, I got a month to live…I gotta get a bank roll to leave my family…I need to learn how to bake meth and get the money rollin’ in! I got a degree in Science…I can do it!

I got no experience cooking meth, so I googled “Cooking Meth…for Idiots.” But I got no results. Apparently that’s one subject they don’t cover yet. I know from watching “Breaking Bad” that meth comes in hard, rock-candy-like crystals. I didn’t want to get arrested by the internet police, so I did an indirect search. I googled, “Rock hard Crystal.” I ended up with links for escort companies and ads for Viagra.

Luckily, It wasn’t that bad for me. I had the vaccines and boosters, so it was just a really bad cold. I work from home so I know exactly where I got it. The day before I got sick, I went to one store, then back home for the rest of the day.

I got it at a specialty pet store called The Covid Cove. We buy our mutt fancy expensive food because the ‘ol lady wants our dog to live for 100 years, meanwhile, we enjoy fine dining with discount groceries from Ali’s.

Damn Dog, it’s all his fault.

So about those mid-terms.

We had some more political violence recently, and I can’t get over how stupid that is. To me, most politicians are all the same. They’re usually just trying to find a way to skim money off the top and make the average Joe pay for it.

So basically, when you vote, you’re just deciding who’s gonna rip you off. And if that’s what it comes down too, why would anyone care so much? Is getting ripped off by someone in your party better than getting ripped off by someone in another party?

I don’t think so.

Personally, I try to make a decision based on who seems the most earnest. So if someone is in your party but they’re full of crap or they seem more shifty than ususal, I’ll just vote for the other guy…I don’t care which party. They’re both full of malarky.

And when I’ve had my vote, I can say hello to the new boss! Who will be the same as the old boss.

I’ll give you an example of my tast test.

In my hometown, we have Don Bacon running against Tony Vargas. Don Bacon has nothing but negative ads. Vargas don’t have the negative ads.

I don’t like all those negative adds. Puts a bad taste in my mouth. Although I’m not a Democrat, if that’s all Bacon has to talk about, I’ll just vote for the other guy. Simple as that.

Maybe if more folks use a similar taste test, we’ll end up with less crazy politicians. You know, people that think Jewish space lasers caused global warming, or denying election results, or saying the other side is controlled by alien reptilians who eat babies.

So, if you’re in a state with crazy or stupid…vote no on crazy…nothing good comes from that.


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