The proof is in the Ballpark

This is part three of the story, which explains all life on planet Earth.

Because you asked.

When we left off, Bobby Franks took the day off work, sneezed and watched as impending doom came his way in the form of a devastating meteor.

The planet was completely destroyed. Chunks of rock shoot out into space in all directions, collided with nearby planets upsetting their orbits, causing more planetary destruction. The explosion was spectacular as observed thousands of years later by a young amateur astronomer named Buddy, as well as professional astronomers.

It was a wake-up call for the world’s scientists as they witnessed an entire solar system lay to waste. Thirty years later, the planet gets its act together and shoots towards the stars in an attempt to begin a space exploration campaign that they believed would someday save the planet.

You see, after several years of observation, it became evident that some of that wasted solar system would head right toward the planet. Doom was eminent and there was no time to loose when it came to colonizing the stars, or at least nearby planets as starters.

Meanwhile, Buddy grew up and had a son he liked to call Sunny.

Sunny grew up and had bills to pay; Sunny grew Sunnier day by day by day.

Sunny sits alone in his room and studies his old wrinkled hands; runs his fingers through his thinning gray hair. He picks up his fathers telescope and looks toward the stars.

Not quite the astronomer his father was, he knows enough to spot something out of the ordinary. Too fast for a shooting star, it dropped down fast. He tries to connect his father’s old camera to the telescope but as he fumbles with the device, he can see the glow through his window and quickly takes a few snaps before it hits the ground.

The sound is that of a mortar shell exploding as he watches it hit just a few miles off. Sonny knows exactly where it is…

Racing through the streets to the old ballpark, he gets out and joins the small crowd looking at the crater made by the little chunk of rock. He took a few photos, went home and spent a sleepless night imagining where it must have come from.

The small rock was taken for study by the university and later taken by the space administration for further study.

The results were unbelievable.

And know you know.

COMING NEXT: Just a bit of the chills!

Bob Senitram

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