Santa vs Jesus – who is the better bringer of Christmas?

So now I got no more super hero gigs or super weight loss programs to sell…I got nuthin’ to do, which is a good thing ’cause the baby gurl got herself the flu. Now here in the Nebraska, there be a flu goin’ around that’s killin’ adults as well as the childr’en.

Now here’s the differen’c between the black and white here in the Midwest. In Iowa, a childr’en gets the flu with a 103 degree temp and she done dies. The whole tri-state area morns the tragedy…which is the way it should be. However’s, my little girl gets the scarry flu and gets a fever of over 103 (103.5!). I gets scarred for the little gurls health and I take her to the Dr. three times in the course of two weeks and I take two days off work to keep her home. I make up 8 of the hours I missed, by workin’ late at night.

Now from the work point of view I missed about 16 hrs and I made up 8 hrs. All in all, out of 80 hrs. of “Paid time off” I still got 30 hours in the bag. And the only time I took off was to tend to the baby gurl. Still, I get a “talkin’ too” ’cause they think I’m taking too much time off work and if I keep it up…they just may have to replace me.

Now you’s see the difference…For the white folks, the nation mourns the sickness of a poor child…for black folks…”why he’s just using the sick child as an excuse to get off work…WE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!”

So while my co-workers are takin’ half a day off here and there to go shopping and to visit relatives, I can’t take one day, off to tend to a very sick child, without the threat of loosing my job. Sure…racism in America is a thing of the past.

And then you wonder why some minorities just abandon the system and join gangs. Could it be because if they follow the system and the rules, they still get screwed…naw, they must have something wrong with them.

So, much to the anguish to Jerry Falwell, little gurl don’t die and gets better and now she’s nice and healthy, nice and proper.

Hey I got a question sent from AkwaaViagra:

“Santa vs. Jesus – who is the better bringer of Christmass?”

So I got to thinkin’ of my biblical teachins…”put your right foot in…put your right foot out…”

Come to think of it…I don’t know any biblical teachin’s, but I am reminded of a popular Janet Jackson album from twenty years ago…I goes like this, “What have you done for me late….ly…doot-doot, doot-doot.”

Then I think…What has Jesus done my Christmass…late-ly? Why nothing!!! Just a bunch of words…that’s all he has to offer!!!

But Santa…well, well, well! He brings toys to all good boys and girls…that’s what he’s done!

But then, some folks like words more than shit. So for the folks who cry while reading Christmass cards…the Jesus brings more to you.

For the folks who tosses the cards away without even looking at them, then digs into the present…then I think Santa has more in store for you!!!

So I guess it all boils down to “Different Strokes for Different Folks.”

Now if only George Bush Sr. would have taught that to George Bush Jr., we would have about 500 Americans Soldiers still alive.

And that’s all I got to say about that.

And now you know!

COMING NEXT: I got a rash!

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