2018 Road Trip: The Rise of Senitram


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So Stephen wants to know about our road trip, I guess there might be someone else out there who is also interested, so here goes…

We leave saturday Morning 7:00 am, the ol’ lady and me get up and start dumping our luggage and snacks into our Kia Niro, a fine sensible auto-mobile. Then we drove and drove and drove.

Although we packed a lunch and snacks, we took an exit to get gas and the ol’ lady and the kid ended up buying lunch at a Runza. I had to buy coffee refills at a McDonalds across the street. The whole ordeal took about 35 minutes, because each place was incredibly busy. When I handed the ol’ lady her coffee, she asked, “Where’s the cream.”

Well, I didn’t get any, so we I had to go back to the McDonalds and waited another 10 minutes to get a packet of creamer because the restaurant was being run by a handfull of 12 year olds who were doing the best they could.

5 hours later we were 45 minutes from our cabin in the woods. We stopped at a Walmart, because this is the last place to buy supplies (no stores even remotely close to the cabin). We got a frozen pizza for dinner and few other random things.

There was an old man who looked homeless sitting at a bench near the parking lot. It was hot outside, so I bought him a bottle of water. On our way out, I attempted to approach him with the water.

That’s when he stood and started yelling, “It’s ok, it’s alright….It’s not too late, Jesus loves you! Jesus has returned and his name is…”

I noticed he had a MAGA hat on his head and a big gulp in his hand. I concluded he didn’t really need my water.

We briskly headed to the car.

So off we go to the cabin.

The cabin is too far in the woods to get cell coverage. There’s no cable or phone lines. We’re really in the middle of nowhere. But it has electricity, running water, and a bathroom with a shower, so we got the basics covered. It’s owned by a Senitram relative who was handed down the precious Senitram Historical Cabin. She asks for $50 in exchange for making sure the cabin is in good order and ready for the next guest. Basically, its an air-bnb that only relatives and friends can rent.

We get to the cabin, heated the pizza and ate while watching a DVD of Avatar before we called it a night.

So basically we drove for 10 hours and spent about $300 to watch a DVD that’s been sitting around the house for years.

I’m self employed, so income is spotty at times. I never know if I’m gonna make money or loose money. So just like the good ol’ days when me and Stephen were emptying our pockets to see if we have enought for another pitcher of beer, I’m counting every dime. That’s when I realize, we’re not walking away from this mini-vacation without spending at least $1000.

The next morning I make a coffee thinking I don’t know how long it will be til’ I make a profit again…I’m in a slump.

I take the coffee to the rustic front porch and enjoy that first sip of coffee in the morning. That’s when I look at the view. This is what the view was (actual photo from the front porch)

I think to myself, yeah, this is worth it.

For the rest of our time off, I forget about the money, the shorted stocks, the sluggish market…If the next pay off doesn’t come, I can always get a job.

But this, this is too good to pass up. This change in my state of mind picked me right up and I was able to really enjoy this time off.

I was as happy as a wee Senitram chewing on his toenails.

Later we took a walk on the dirt road that leads to the Cabin, and saw a Moose. Those are pretty big animals, I picked up a walking stick, just in case he decided to confront us. He didn’t.

We spent time hicking at a national park, and spent some time in the town nearby, shopping and eating out.

When our time was up, we headed back home!


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