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Since this is an archive page, I thought it would be relevant to share a brief history for anyone who is interested.

It all started with a free page hosted on Angelfire. We didn’t know if anyone would even participate. We started getting about 1 story a month for the first 3 years, then around 2004 we started getting about one story a week submitted. By 2005 traffic dramatically increased. With increased traffic we had a surge in participation.

With 4 to 5 new stories submitted a week, we limited ourselves to feature 2 new stories each week (so each would get a decent number of views). At that time, there was about a 4 month wait to have a story featured…just because of the volume. Soon we were averaging over a million page views a month.

Unable to keep up, we opened, which was a platform where folks could create a login and submit a story with no wait. linked to the new site. Unfortunately, within a few years, spammers and hacks had a hey-day with the new site and traffic decreased. Soon drifted to obscurity. When “https” became mandatory, the site was not updated, and we no longer showed up on search engines.

We didn’t have the heart to shut it down because of all the interesting and creative stories within, so for 10 years it just sat there.

Then in the summer of 2021, we decided to consolidate all the content to the original redesigned site. It’s built on a WordPress platform as the original site, but with all the appropriate security and anti-hack software installed. Twenty years later, we can now offer the same concept with new features that didn’t exist back in the day.

The most relevant enhancement focuses on the writer. New stories are featured on the homepage as before, but now we include random samples of archived stories, so past submissions aren’t lost. Also, each author has a bio at the end of their story. And each story lists several stories by the same author in the sidebar. Our hopes are to create a unique experience for the reader, and a unique opportunity for authors.

We are still accepting submissions, so if you’d like to be featured…submit today!