I Have A Sad Story To Tell You

I have a sad story to tell you.

But first, remember you can ASK BOB any question you want…I have a degree in S-C-I-E-N-C-E.

As Autumn ends, my two month battle against leaves is coming to a close. You see, my house is surrounded by two and three story trees, that fill the yard with feet…not inches…feet high piles of leaves. To make matters even worse we have a dog that likes to poop around the leaves, under the leaves and on top of the leaves.

You really have to be on your toes to make sure you don’t scoop up a big pile of mess when grabbing arm fulls of leaves. Nonetheless, the thankless task is finally done.

But I do have a sad story to tell you…
I may hurt your feelings a bit…
Today when I raked up the backyard…
I stepped in a big pile of shhhhhhhhh….shaving cream.

Be nice and clean, shave everyday and you’ll always look keen.

Oh, I have a question:

ShakenUp Asks: So you don’t vote for anyone that has negative ads?

Dear ShakenUp,
No not really. Refering to last weeks column, I decided not to vote for Don Bacon because he seemed to side with the current Republicans one time too many. But not always, so I figure here’s someone who goes with the flow, but if it something that is detrimental to our home state, he seems to be on our side. He was one of the few current Republicans that seemed worth keeping in office…but there was still that Trump, go with the flow tendency, so I was on the fence.

The negative ads just took it too far and flipped me to the other side.

Thats how I flow.

I consider myself a conservative, who leans on the Republican side. But I see current Republicans who side with Trump and the Proud Boys, as a racist group. That just doesn’t fly with me.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Song in my head:

Coming Next: A flow that flows too strong!

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