What DID Happen To Chuck Cunningham? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

Nope, Chuck Cunningham never did go to Minnesota State, but he did join the USAF and was killed by his woman friend because he was afraid of snakes. “Happy Days” never mentioned this probably because it might have ruined the Cunningham hardware business.

Shockingly, Chuck came back to life, this time as a street thug named Manny. He decided to make an enemy of Paul Kersey which, as everyone knows, is the wrong thing to do. They battle around a bit until Paul whips out a rocket launcher and blows Manny away. Again, this was never mentioned in “Happy Days” because it probably would have ruined Joanie and Chachi’s relationship.

But that wasn’t it for Chuck. Again he came back to life, changed his name to Airk Thaughbaer, traveled back in time and somehow died again. Of course this wasn’t mentioned in “Happy Days” because it would have ruined the day The Fonz jumped over a shark.

There have been other Chuck Cunningham sightings throughout the ages, most of them not confirmed. I believe he was a king during some other old-timey period that featured some guy with a goofy haircut and he might have died stepping on a land mine, but I can’t find anything to back up my theory. Of course this wouldn’t have been mentioned on “Happy Days” since it would have ruined that day that Ralph Mouth found out he was pregnant.

I won’t mention how The Fonz’s girlfriend had a daughter that got sucked into the netherworld by angry ghosts since that might be a bit too much for us all to take. But it did happen.

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