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Hans was sitting by the stream relaxing and pondering over the events of the last month. It was a perfect spring morning here in the Lake District. Somehow sitting here with the sunlight gently caressing his face and the calming cool breeze brushing over him -it did not seem conceivable things could have changed so dramatically, in just a few weeks. It had all been so surreal.

Smiling to himself he catches sight of a squirrel in the tree tops dexterously jumping from one branch to another. For him life had not altered, he was playing out his daily routine, just as he always had. For a moment Hans began to almost forget the plight he was in.

Suddenly Hans is startled ,in the distance he is convinced that he can just make it out, faint yet distinct, the sound of a young girl crying for help.

Hans concentrates and listened more. Intently trying to decipher the sound.

HHHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPP He hears, a little louder and clearer this time . Now he was certain, he knows what he must do.

Without a second thought he jumps up and sets off running towards the call for help. Nimbly navigating himself through the forest, skillfully darting over broken tree limbs. On and on he races, over the creek, traversing the ground with ease and confidence.

Yes, yes he grasps, I am getting closer.

Hans quickly catches sight of an opening amongst the trees a hundred yards up ahead .Surely the cry is originating from there?

Pausing for a moment he recuperates his breath, and once more concentrate completely on the sound, HHHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPP It is indeed much louder , he is almost there!

will save you He imagines to himself, your hero is on his way!!:

Hans energetically approaches the openingHis eyes darting in all directions. Adrenaline pumped into every muscle contained in his twenty-three year old body. He is pumped, prepared for anything.

It was then the small net landed unexpectedly on top of him. He was unsure as to from where it was flung, but it was a perfect shot.

He struggles with the netting, desperately attempting to get himself free. This only entangles him even more, he had been caught.

The terrified captive peers about him, trying to discover who his capturers are. As he looks about in panic , he spies them just a few yards off, there are five of them. They appear to be laughing and praising each other and engaged in some sort of strange celebratory jig. Hopping from one leg to another, waving their four arms about furiously in the air, and hand clapping each other. He tries to decipher the words they are saying, yet it is completely strange to him.

Just then one of the aliens takes from his clothing a small metallic pipe. Hans watches as the creature places it with one of his four hands to his flabby lips . As the creature inhales the air he seems to almost double inside, resembling a giant bull frog. Then he quickly exhales through the pipe, returning him to his normal size and shape.

HHHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPP Came the sound, exactly like a young girl crying for assistance. This only provokes the others further, and hideous gurgling noises bellow from each of them.

Yes, he thinks the planet Earth has never been the same since the invasion.

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P.S. Gifford

P.S. Gifford is a published horror author of great talent. He started submitting stories around 2005. His short stories are by far some of the best and most entertaining that I have read. Around that time he was invited to write columns which are titled "Paperback Writer."

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