So I go into the Acme after my five mile run. I grab a basket because I just want to grab a few things. There is a good football game on ESPN tonight, Florida vs. Georgia, and I just want to pick up some munchies for the game.

I’m in this aisle, right, pasta and sauce and things like that. Then this beautiful woman goes by, pushing this shopping cart, with this little kid sitting in the baby chair. I do a double take. Wow. In fact I have to sneak into the next aisle, cereal, oatmeal, stuff like that. We all have done that before, gone to another aisle to get a second look at a hot chick in the store. So it is like that. A MILF, if you know what I mean. This chick , I would guess she is in her late-twenties, maybe even thirty……..these upper class girls hold their age well. She looks good for a new Mom, great in fact. She is wearing tight jeans, and I mean designer jeans, not wrangler or levis. Nice butt and great figure for someone who just gave birth a year or two ago. Let’s face it, we all know women who had kids and their figure was destroyed forever. Not this babe, though.

Then she is wearing these knee high leather boots, with her jeans tucked into the boots. Who wears leather boots to the goddamn supermarket? Pushing a kid in the cart no less. Tall girl, too. Probably five foot ten. And not a skinny girl, either. Probably one hundred and fifty pounds. She has been eating her meals, let’s say. Strong, wide shoulders. Pretty face. And the hair, I am not much for describing hair styles, but this was no fifteen dollar haircut. She had one of those blond European styles, with streaks of black, like a Scandinavian model.

So I don’t know, you know. The birth of a fantasy right here in the cereal aisle of the Acme. I am pretending to be checking out a carton of Captain Crunch when I am really checking out this babe with the kid. And those black leather boots, expensive boots too, not something you would buy at a Walmart. These are boots she would of got from an expensive specialty shop in some swanky downtown store.

I forgot what I was in the store for. In a daze, I just wander about and put some items into my basket and shuffle off to the self check out line. There, I run into Leather Boots Mama once again. This time we make eye contact and it doesn’t exactly go well. She gives me an unfriendly look. Like, what the hell are you looking out? Pretty girls are like that with ordinary Joes like me. But if you don’t want men to check you out, then why do you get all dolled up to go to the Acme?

Then she sees the stuff that I am buying; chips and chicken wings and a frozen pizza. She looks at me like I am a bug crawling up the wall. Here I am in my jogging sweats and I’m buying all of this junk food.

The rest of the week, I find myself going to bed alone and fantasizing about this woman from the Acme. Kinky fantasies, too. I dream that she is my dominatrix, controlling me, talking harshly to me, making me do things. I have always harbored a dominant woman fantasy, but I have always kept that to myself. Well, it’s the kind of things your friends would tease you about, so I never really revealed this side of myself to anyone. But this damn girl who I saw at the Acme, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

Then Saturday afternoon, I am jogging on the boardwalk, thinking my own thoughts, just a routine day. And here she comes, jogging the other way. I’ll be damned, I am thinking. It looks like her…………. by God, it is her. She is keeping a brisk pace, faster than what I am running. She is wearing short runner shorts which highlight her big muscular legs. And just like at the Acme, we make eye contact. We have a connection, I think. As we pass, jogging on the boards, going in opposite directions, I give her sort of a half wave. I am a jogger, you are a jogger. We have something in common. Reluctantly, she returns my half wave as we pass. I got my acknowledgement from her. It is like my feet do not touch the ground the rest of my run.

So that is where it stayed for a few weeks. This girl who was living in my head. This girl I saw at the Acme, just by happenstance one evening. This girl, who again by happenstance I saw jogging on the boardwalk. This girl who I fantasy dominating me and roughing me up in all kinds of erotic ways. That is where it stays. Inside of my head.

And I don’t see her again until nearly two months later.

To be continued…………….

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