Kenny the Koala 2: Electric Boogaloo

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They all ran towards the yelling and came upon Dolcinda. She was sitting in a small clearing yelling as tears ran down her face.

Kenny walked up to her and placed his furry paw on her head. She looked up at him an smiled weakly.

“What’s wrong, Dolcinda?” he asked.

“Oh, Kenny,” she said, as the tears streamed down her face. “I just saw the most horrible thing! I saw those human animals in the woods and they had these big yellow things with them!”

Kenny remembered learning about the human animal in one of his classes.

“So?” he asked. “I don’t think they’ll hurt us.”

“You don’t understand!” she shrieked as more tears ran down her face. “They were cutting down trees with those big yellow things!”

The elder koala’s whispered amongst themselves and finally decided they would go and see what Dolcinda was talking about.

They all walked for a little and finally came upon the edge of the forest. However, Kenny remembered that it wasn’t always the edge of the forest.

Sure enough, there were a bunch of human animals and big yellow things in the clearing that once was part of the forest. The yellow things were cutting down trees as the human animals looked on.

Dolcinda sat down and started crying again. “See? See what I mean?” she said.

Kenny sat beside her and thought. “Hey,” he said after a moment. “I have a great idea! We can’t let them cut down our homes. We’ve got to stop them!”

“But how?” asked one of the elder koalas. How, Kenny, how?”

“By dancing!” said Kenny excitedly.

“That’s a great idea,” said Dolcinda. “But who is going to dance?” “You are,” said Kenny proudly.

“Oh, I can’t do that,” said Dolcinda. “You know that I do have to go up north to do some studies.”

“But these are our homes!” exclaimed Kenny. “We have to save our homes and you are our only hope!”

Dolcinda was silent for a moment. Finally, she stood up and smiled. “Okay”, she said. “I’ll do it!”

Kenny and the other koalas cheered.

“I am going to climb onto one of those yellow machines and do the electric boogaloo!” she said.

Kenny and the other koalas gasped.

“Are you sure?’ asked Kenny. “Are you sure you want to do the electric boogaloo?”

“Yes I am,” she said. “Now, who’s with me?”

5 other koalas joined Dolcinda and they all ran towards the big yellow things. Kenny and the others watched from the safety of the forest as Dolcinda and the others climbed the yellow machines.

As they started to dance, Kenny noticed that the human animals had all stopped what they were doing and were watching the dancing koalas.

One of the humans pulled something dark from his outer covering and pointed it at Dolcinda. Kenny heard a loud crack and saw that a large hole appeared in Dolcinda’s chest. He thought he could see completely through her body, but wasn’t too sure because she toppled off the yellow machine.

Kenny heard some more cracks and saw the rest of the koalas falling off the machines. One of the koalas starting running towards him and Kenny noticed that it was missing its little left arm and there was a large amount of blood squirting from where the arm used to be connected. There was another crack and the koala disintegrated in a spray of blood and bone.

“Oh, that was brilliant Kenny,” said one of the koalas as they all slowly crept back from the clearing. “Did you really think you could stop the human animals with dancing?”

“Nope,” said Kenny. “But I always thought Dolcinda was kind of stupid and wanted to see if she would dance the electric boogaloo.”

The retreating koalas laughed.

(Originally posted on 02/05/2000)

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Jon Stephenson

Submitted fiction in the early years (2000). He has a few posted to his name. Very silly but entertaining.

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