The Grisly Death of Chester McDonald: A Fable

Chester McDonald suffered a most horrific death. He was eaten alive by his pigs. One day he went out to slop them, but they turned on him, the shifty bastards, and they made quite the feast of him, devouring him bones and all. But unfortunately for the pigs Chester lived all alone out in the country, so that they, having eaten him, had nobody left to slop them. Without mentioning the gory details of it all (but think of The Donner Party), I’ll let it suffice to say that they all ended up dead in the end, which I suppose they would have anyway.


© 2023 Randy Bone

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Randy Bone

Randy Bone contributed stories back in the beginning days of His stories are creative, strange, and fun. More fiction is available at his website, but be warned, it can be offensive and is not meant for children or adults.

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