Kenny The Koala

Jon Stephenson

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Kenny the koala lived in a great, big forest with many other koala bears. Every day Kenny would wake up and climb his favorite tree. He would sit in the tree the whole day and eat tasty leaves.

One day when Kenny climbed his tree, he noticed that all the leaves were gone. Upset, he looked around and saw that there were many trees that had leaves, but they also had koala bears.

Kenny decided that he would be able to share a tree with another koala bear. So he slid down his tree and climbed another tree that was right next to his. As he was happily munching on some leaves in his new tree, he heard a noise from above. He looked up and saw Sammy sliding slowly down the tree.

“Hi, Sammy,” said Kenny through a mouthful of leaves. “How are you today?”

“I am fine,” said Sammy. “How are you?”

“I am much better now,” said Kenny. “My tree has no more leaves and I thought you wouldn’t mind if I shared this tree with you.”

“I’m sorry, Kenny, but I do mind,” said Sammy.

Angry and a little hurt, Kenny slid down the tree. He tried to find another tree, but they all had koala bear’s in them and they did not want to share.

Kenny decided to find a new tree that was far away from everyone else. He walked for a long time and finally came upon a great big tree with many leaves.

He happily climbed the tree and munched on the leaves. Eventually he felt very full and decided to take a nap.

He was awakened suddenly by a loud noise. He peered between the leaves and noticed a group of two legged animals on the ground.

Curious, Kenny slide down the tree to get a closer look. He noticed that one of the animals had a shiny thing that was making the noise.

The animal walked over to a tree and placed the noisy thing against the bottom. The thing cut through the tree and the tree fell.

Scared, Kenny climbed higher. The noise continued for awhile and then it suddenly stopped.

Kenny peeked through the leaves and saw a great many trees had been cut down. He could not see the animals but he did notice that they had left the shiny thing behind.

Kenny waited until he was sure that the animals had left, then he slid down the tree and ran back home.

Kenny told his dad what he had seen. His dad gathered a group of koala’s and they all went with Kenny to see what the shiny thing was.

They all stood and stared at the thing for a little while, then some of the older koala bears decided it was safe to inspect it.

As the older bears looked at the thing and whispered amongst themselves, Kenny decided to get a closer look.

As two of the older bears bent closer to inspect the thing, Kenny noticed something that was hanging from the back end. Curious, he gave it a sharp pull and the thing started up with a tremendous noise.

As Kenny jumped back, he noticed the heads of the two koala’s that were bent over seemingly disappear in a mixture of blood and fur.

The other koala bears that had gathered around the thing ran away as the two headless bodies fell to the ground, blood squirting from their tiny, headless necks.

Kenny walked over to his dad and said, “I guess all those f*ckers will share with me now, huh?”

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Jon Stephenson

Submitted fiction in the early years (2000). He has a few posted to his name. Very silly but entertaining.

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