I Fess Up!

If you read Bob’s latest (and who does), he mentions us going someplace in Illinois to check out a water tower where I came up with the brilliant idea to scrub off all the paint and what Bob thought and still thinks was the city name.

What’s funny is that it wasn’t a city name. What was written on the tower was “SAVE FERRIS” and I thought it would be funny if I got rid of that just for some giggles.

The townspeople were not too happy about that and for years they tried to figure out who ruined their water tower. Now they know and they can write to Bob and express their extreme displeasure and , hopefully, do him some serious bodily harm.

I thought I saw a pile of snow when I was aimlessly driving around early one morning recently but that really didn’t make a lick of sense since it’s August. So, I turned around and went back to the spot and discovered it wasn’t snow but a decapitated human head. Since this is Detroit, it’s not really uncommon to come across a decap-head or two every other day or three.

Of course I took it home and I’m thinking I can use it for additional Live Air Dancer testing because I once saw a documentary about a person with two heads.

Stay tuned!

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Stephen Johnson

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