The Parents Television Council

There is an organization called the Parents Television Council that is having sponsor’s pull advertisements from certain television programs that they deem unfit for our society.

Recently, MCI and Dr. Pepper/7-Up pulled ads from “Smackdown” because the PTC believes that that program is not suitable for “family viewing.”

And they are right.

However, why should it come to this? How is the WWF to blame, instead of the parents? Sure, the programming is violent, but it is wrestling. Wrestling has always been a violent form of entertainment.

I have watched the WWF for over 15 years. Back when I first started watching, the characters were very cartoon-like and a bit over the top, and it was violent.

In the mid 90’s, the WWF changed directions and went for a harder edge. Sure, they had a bit of sexual innuendo, swearing and violence, but they adapted to the times. Their product had become stale so the adapted to the times, something that any large company needs to do to show some sort of profit.

The WWF is definitely not family viewing now. It has a more mature edge. Remember too, there are a lot of things you can show on television now than you could back in the 80’s. As a society, we want something a little more edgier, since that holds our interest.

As for family viewing, there is plenty of family oriented programs on at all hours of the day. If a parent thinks a program is not suitable for their children, they have many other programs on that are suitable for children, especially in the age of cable/satellite technology.

Wrestling had also been under the spotlight due to children hurting other children by performing wrestling moves. Of course, this is WWF/ECW/WCW’s fault. Definitely not the parents fault who do not take the time to teach their children the difference between fact and fiction, right and wrong. The alternative the parents have is to rely on a baby-sitter like the PTC to deem what is right and wrong for society. This way, when the child does something wrong, it will not be the parents fault, it will be a television program’s fault. And the PTC will back the parent up.

7-Up is running that “Up Yours” ad. So, if children start running to school chanting “Up yours”, will the PTC stop television programs from having 7-Up sponsor them? Probably not since 7-Up bowed down to the PTC.

MCI has Sela Ward doing that sexy dance in one of their commercials. MCI is promoting sex.

That’s okay with the PTC, too.

The list of companies is fairly large that have pulled their ads from WWF programing alone. If you would like to see them, go to While there, check out their main spokesperson, Steve Allen. Didn’t he used to be involved with wrestling? Why, yes he did.

All I am saying is that the times have changed and programming has changed with it We should be able to make our own choice on what to watch without having some watchdog group tell us what we should or should not watch. America was not built on that premise. America was built around freedom.

Sure, sometimes the WWF goes to far, as does other programming. I would rather have something that shocks me for a moment than to have that dull, warm and fuzzy feeling from watching something like “Touched by an Angel”. We live a real life every day and we should all have an opportunity to watch something that can let us forget about any problems we had that day.

The PTC wants to bring “Responsibility to the Entertainment Industry”. Responsibility for what? We used to watch Roadrunner cartoons every Saturday morning, yet we never decided to drop an anvil on someone else’s head. And, again, that goes back to our parents who took the time to let us know that that was not real. We knew he difference between fact and fiction back then. We did not have a group like the PTC trying to make our decisions for us.

Times have changed, and we need to focus our attention elsewhere. Maybe the PTC can do something about 15 year old mothers. How about some lessons on the negative aspects of drug use? Hey, gangs seem to be a problem! There are much worse things out there than a television program.


A great site to go to is I think the address tells you what it is about. It is a great site regarding the PTC and, if you would like, you can make a difference. Go there and see how.

By the way, PTC, we are still going to extoll the virtues of a good cigarette. You wanna try and shut us down?? It’s time for a cigarette, kids. So, sit back, light one up and enjoy!!!

By the way, in case anybody cares, I have had no cable for the last 24 hours. This really sucks.
Thanks Cox Communications!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMING NEXT: Out top 10 guilty pleasure albums of all time, plus other assorted words of wisdom!!

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