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  • Morning Bells
    Richard Boggs Strange – 13 Pages Some days, especially Sunday, no one comes in. If I didn’t work here, neither would I. I find Sundays especially gloomy – but I don’t know why. The sun could be shining, and the world would open wide with a smile, and I would say, “Dude, tomorrow’s Monday. Since I work Sundays, my week…
  • Surprise Package
    Brian Sellnow– Sci-Fi – 1 Page – The crying was to be expected. The girls, after all, were only six years old and, despite their enhanced intelligence and intensive training, were still emotionally immature. And identical siblings often formed unusually strong bonds. In addition to leaving the only environment they had ever known, they would also be away from each…
  • Eat Pete
    -Humor – 5 Pages – Mary Beth awoke with a start. “What the fu…,” she said, groggily. She looked around and realized immediately that it had been a dream. But what a strange dream it was. Stranger than most, to be sure. Not necessarily a nightmare; more of a disturbance. After all, it’s not often you hear a voice in…
  • Strings Attached
    5 Pages She has been fighting it for weeks now, the broody, hungry emotion that came to her when it was past time to have a man. She had ignored the feeling as long as she could because she didn’t want it. She had never liked the consequences of fulfillment but her body would not listen to intellectual denial – it…

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  • How Much Vomit Would A Person Vomit If A…Oh Forget It!
    Yoyo asks:If I vomit a lot will I eventually vomit up my own poo? And if so, where will it end? This had to be scientifically tested. I got the idea in my head of how to do this, I would be the placebo and Jerome would be the test subject. Jerome didn’t want to help at first, but he…
  • An Amendunum (Made Up Word!)
    Wow. Some online help ya sites are just mean. Guess I didn’t follow their strict rules last week so we didn’t get paid. This reminds me when “Crocodile Dundee” came out and it was such a big hit. So big of a hit that I decided to get a film crew and actors together and make a good ole USA…
  • Go On Now…GIT!
    An email from Tony: Ldkfjg\#%$9473&rmsrijgdkg525455f;fuslvpesa,cvoes,d* Well Tony, if that is your real name, I take issue with “esa”. I just don’t think that kind of language is necessary…but, ok. Nice to know that has spanded the globe and now has expanded to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Obviously, this is an alien language and I’ll interpret it the…
  • The Present
    Stephen JonhnsonGuess I’ll just talk about the present this week. I did remember something from our glorious past earlier this week, but forgot what it was. Must be age catching up or that nasty head wound that still leaks a little and it’s been awhile now. Went to get the mail this past Friday and noticed a dead spot on…

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wrestling mr USA

Wrestling with Mr USA

November 27, 2008

Wrestling with Mr. USA   By Gary Kolb My match for the Saturday matinee at the Vineland Arena was with a newcomer from Brooklyn New York who performed under the name of Mister USA Paul Naples. We knew little about him. My promoter told me…

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you can call me al

You can call me Al

March 4, 2007

by Douglas L Rains -Sci-Fi – 14 Pages – Chapter 1 Johnny Meyers was hurrying home from school and he was going to be in trouble. He had to stay in detention after his last 8th grade class because he had made a ‘not so…

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Resurrection machine

The Resurrection Machine

August 24, 2002

3 Pages At the reincarnation center, Brandy sat in a seat sewing as reincarnaters reincarnated. Beside her, on a walnut end table, lay a laminated card with a number stenciled on it, nearby was a pretty brass lamp. She sat in her regular chair. That…

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fear held against my will

Fear: Held Against My Will

April 24, 2008

       Fear will make you do things you would not ordinarily do, I know.  This tragic tale happened eight months ago.     I use to think that if I moved to an expensive neighborhood, it would be a safer place to live.  A picturesque location where…

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Tales of Elves and Trolls: The Crystal Goblin

Tales of Elves and Trolls picture

Join Lora and her friends as they encounter sentient trees, a deadly dragon, and mischievous goblins…a battle that could change the face of their world!  By Joshua Blanc – An Alarmingly Strange Story contributor from the very beginning!

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