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Another glitch in the system. The contact form stopped working (not sure when), but it’s fixed now.
I had an alternate email notification set up and somewhere along the line (probably after a WordPress update), WordPress stopped allowing the alternate email from getting the contact information. I set it up with the admin emails, which is the default the system likes, so it’s all good now. Sorry, if there were some emails that didn’t get a response.

04/17/24 – New Email Contact
The email “” has been discontinued.
The contact form at this website now sends email to Seems silly don’t it?
Well, if you must know. Our web host charged us a hefty fee to have an email provided via the host ( The whole time I could have set up an email thru CPanel for free. So I set up and discontinued the email that cost hard cold cash.

03/09/24 – Bogus Registrations
We had about 200 registrations that had 20–30-character emails that were obvious fake. We identify these as spammers and deleted the users. Luckily, nothing automatically posts. Your fake ad will have to be approved by the administrator before it ever gets posted, which will never happen. So, hey spammers, just give up now!

We also changed the registration page, so you’re not automatically logged in after registering. This forces the user to enter their login info to access a post page. Just trying to make it harder for the spammers.

Another technical issue with the search functionality. It loaded a search result, but the next page didn’t load. This has been fixed! Actually, I just needed to refresh the permalinks in settings, easy fix. Thanks Frank! He noticed the issue and took the time to let me know!

02/23/24 ATTENTION TO ANYONE WHO SUBMITTED A STORY USING THE “Submit Without Login” link. If you submitted a story, but never saw it posted, we may have never received it. Turns out there was a technical glitch in the plugin/program that makes it work. A recent email alerted us to the issue and it’s been fixed. So please feel free to resubmit. If your submission was successful, you should see a message that says, “Your Submission was a Success!” Or something like that. If you don’t see that, it didn’t go. If you have any issues, please contact and let us know.

02/23/24 – Also, we changed some verbiage in Account Page if you created an account to submit your fiction.

02/19/24 – Excited for a new fiction series scheduled to be published in May. It’s a short novel that’s called “Witches of Rascar Pablo.” It’s just draws you in. When I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! Because of its length, it’ll appear as 3 separate posts, Parts I, II, III.

10/29/23 – We have a new column! It’s called Spam Rider of the Apocalypse! Spamrider has his own unique take on our existence. Like our other columns, it’s an ongoing piece of fiction based on real events…sort of?

08/16/23 – Still working on transferring the older archived columns. This will be a long and painful process, because the columns that date before 2007 were posted using good ol’ fashioned HTML. I just pick at it, one column at a time when I have a chance. You can see the archives at the Lunatic Archives Page. Over the years, we’ve had six different columnists that posted their strange ideas and stories, just for the heck of it, because we don’t make no money doing this!

05/10/23 – is back! It’s been remodeled a year ago and we’re up and running again. If you’ve written some fiction that’s just sitting around with no one to read it, Submit it today and finally get some folks to appreciate your work of art! If you’re thinking of submitting more than one, you can get your own login to and track your submissions and make any changes after the fact. Pretty neat, high-tech stuff.


Webmaster and editor of I obtained a bachelor's degree in micro-biology around the turn of the century but was quickly tracked down and forced to return it to its rightful owner and pay a $25 fine. *** A fan of science fiction, I started this website in 1999 as a portal for science fiction stories that have never been published. *** Completely devoid of talent, I decided to call on the public to supply content. Shortly afterwards Stephen and I started writing weekly columns and have continued to this day.

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