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Today was the last day for Best Buy’s “Upgrade And Save” program in which you bring in a DVD and get a $5 coupon to use towards a blu-ray priced $9.99 and above. The woman had picked me up some wonderful .99 from the local Salvation Army store and I figured I might as well use them for a couple more $5 coupons since the one thing I need more of is movies considering I have about 100 I haven’t even unwrapped yet.

I told the woman that they also had a deal where you could trade in old electronics and get a gift card. She had an old digital camera sitting on the shelf plus an old cell phone so she grabbed those and off to the store we went. On the way there I told her that she could check on when her phone was scheduled for an upgrade and by doing so she would get another $5 coupon.

Easy stuff, right?

I brought 3 dvd’s, expecting to only use one. The others I would hold onto until the next U&S program since there really wasn’t anything I wanted except for one blu-ray. Again, easy stuff. I carried in the dvd, she had the old camera and phone and while she waited in line at customer service, I wandered around the store.

After awhile she hunted me down and gave me the coupon for the dvd and then a gift card for the camera. She was a bit miffed since she could have got more than $5 if she had only remembered to bring in the power cord, but oh well. She cleared out a few inches of shelf space. As for the phone, they wouldn’t take it since she didn’t bring in the power cord. Oh well, again.

Then I pointed out the sign for the phone upgrade and she went over to check find out when that date was. We already knew it was July but for $5 more, she just needed to act dumb. And she did, which made me proud. My phone was entitled to an upgrade April of 2012, but I like my phone and didn’t want a new one. However, the phone lady said that the woman could update her phone by using my upgrade date and then if I needed an upgrade I could get a new phone in July. Make sense?

So this was just for an additional $5 coupon, right? Well, the woman started talking new phones with the phone lady and next thing I knew she wanted to get an Iphone. Whatever. So they were discussing it and I wandered off and when I came back they were still discussing so I went outside and smoked a joint and went back in and they were still discussing and so I wandered around the store some more and then the woman found me and said that she decided against getting a new phone.

And where was this additional $5 coupon? Oops, she forgot. As I was wandering the store for the last time the woman decided that she wanted that Iphone. Back to the cell phone area we went and the phone lady apologized and said that she forgot to give us the $5 coupon. I was happy now since this was extra cash and wandered off again as the woman and the phone lady got down to discussing stuff again. But this time was different since the woman was going to get that fucking Iphone!

I stumbled across another movie I wanted and headed back to the car to get another dvd, brought it in, turned it in and had another $5 coupon. Now I had 3 $5 U&S coupons, a $5 gift card and a $5 Reward Zone certificate. Total price of my items was around $30, so I should be able to get my haul for around $5! Cheap!

But now, I didn’t relaize the coupon the phone lady gave us was an U&S coupon and only one could be used per blu-ray. No big deal. I would just give it to the woman and she would be able to find something for herself.

I went back to the cell phone section and wouldn’t you know it, another customer had come in who had an Iphone which they had for about a year. And see, the Iphone is GLASS and when it dropped it broke for this lady. And see, she had to get two replacements already! Now, the woman could get a warranty for a couple years which would cost about $250.00. I told her not to get the warranty, she would just need to handle her new phone carefully.

That’s all well and good, she said, but she drops her phone A LOT. So I told her to be careful with her new phone. Again she pointed out that SHE DROPS HER PHONE A LOT. Then she decided that she didn’t want a new phone after all. She apologized to the phone lady and thanked her. That was that. Really this time.

Next was finding something she could use her $5 coupon on and I pointed out “Annie” and she said she didn’t want that because it was the sing-along version and she didn’t want to be forced to sing while watching the movie. No joke folks. She actually said this.

I calmly explained what that meant and she was happy and bought “Annie” and everything was fine. Right?

WRONG! See, something was bothering me about the total price I had spent. Let’s see: One blu-ray for $19.99. Another blu-ray for $9.99. Three $5 coupons and a $5 gift card. Minus taxes, the total price for my mini-haul would have been around $10. But no. I was charged over $16. Why?

Well, something rang up wrong. We waited in line for about 20 min and then it was our turn. I nicely explained that I was charged $14.99 instead of $9.99 for a movie, and even wrote down the amounts of each movie, did the addition, did the subtraction of the $20 and always came out with around $10. The CS agents was very nice but she didn’t really get what I was saying. After about 15 minutes she finally gave me a credit back to the credit card of over $6.00 which was also wrong but what could I do now?

There you go. Because of the woman accompanying me to Best Buy, what should have been a 10 minute in-store visit turned into almost 2 hours. That’s right, it’s all her fault. 

COMING NEXT: Really. Cat litter????

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