two non-poems

Bad water…

By P.S. Gifford

There is surely something wrong with our water supply,
for when I awoke this morning my mouth was so dry.
My head it did ache, and a felt a little sick,
I suspect it was bad water that was the cause of it.

So tonight when I drink my fine scotch and water,
I shall drink my six measures just as I ought to.
No water will be added-not a single drop.
And hopefully these bad mornings -will finally stop…

My predicament.

When I awoke this morning-
I was filled up with despair,
Words usually jig through my mind-
But today they aint there.

Well, I am on my third coffee,
hoping to summon them up,
So wordless and silent-
I sit here as I sup.

My third cup is now empty
and not a word have I heard.
This just isn’t like me-
It is utterly absurd.

So no poem from me today,
I am of now off to shower.
Hopefully I’ll be inspired-
Catch you all in an hour!


P.S. Gifford

P.S. Gifford is a published horror author of great talent. He started submitting stories around 2005. His short stories are by far some of the best and most entertaining that I have read. Around that time he was invited to write columns which are titled "Paperback Writer."

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