The 2011 Roadtrip: Part 8

More Lunatic Ravings…

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(Note 1: Yes, this keeps going. I really, really want this to end and I
have every intention of ending it but then I get quite bored writing
about the trip and stop writing. Basically this could have been done in
four part, yet it’s up to eight. I really ant to rite interesting stuff,
kind of like what Bob did with his latest post. But I’m stuck with this
until the bitter end.)

(Note 2: Back to Bob’s latest post. It was quite funny which makes me
wonder if he actually wrote it or if it was someone else. Something to
ponder I suppose.)

So our goal this Tuesday (again, insert whatever date in August this
was) was to head towards home, but not driving a godawful amount if time
or miles. No, this time we were going to take our time, maybe drive six
hours and find a place to crash, maybe check out any sites that popped
up along the road.

That was our goal and we left the hotel around 9 that Tuesday morning
and headed over to mother’s to say goodbye.

We did just that and then we were off.

I drove and drove and we didn’t find anything really exciting until a
few hours into our trip when we saw a sign for a Civil War battlefield
site. Now, what the name of that battlefield site was completely escapes
me, but I think it may have been Antietam so we’ll just go with that.

The woman likes the Civil War and we decided that we would turn around
and check out the site. We had all the time in the world, so what the

We got to the site and walked around the building and saw part of the
battlefield and it looked pretty interesting. However, we were both
quite lazy and didn’t walk all around so we just checked out a few
things and then went to the store and picked up some souvenirs, just
like tourists would do.

As we were leaving, noticed that we were supposed to pay to check out
the battlefield. Oops.

But seriously, we didn’t know and, if we did, we would have definitely
payed. So sorry to the fine folks at Antietam that we didn’t pay and
walked around for a little bit. I swear we will never do something like
that again.

Then we were off again, driving and driving. Around 5 we decided that it
was a good time to stop and find a hotel so we picked up a copy of
Roomsavers at a rest area and found a hotel up the road that was a good
price (especially with the coupon).

We think it was a Days Inn. We don’t know what town or even state it was
in. What we do know is that it was in a town with a UPS hub because
there were lots of UPS trucks driving around and lots of folks in the
brown UPS uniforms milling aimlessly around and we also know that this
was the biggest fucking Days Inn we had ever seen and that a lot of
people seemed to live there and a lot of truckers were staying there as

Our room was at the end of one of the wings and on the top floor so it
took a bit of time to get to it, but we eventually did. Then we went to
get something to eat, the woman to Subway, me to Wendy’s (where a
strikingly gourgeous young lady tended the register, so Wendy’s, if
you’re reading this, find that UPS hub, find your restaurant and hire
this young lady to be your spokesperson)* and then back to the hotel
were we ate and then watched tv until we fell asleep.

*She didn’t pay me to write this.

COMING NEXT: Yeah, I got bored again. Hopefully the next one will be the

Stephen Johnson

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