Thanks, Crest!

Was going to go to the way back machine again but accidentally saw a commercial that really bugged the heck out of me.

Basically, it told the story of a young girl and her teeth. You would think it was something from the days of b&w television since it was in b&w.

I felt sorry for the young lass in the commercial since it foretold her death, all thanks to mom. You know the mom would be taking full control of her daughter’s life forever so she could make some $$$ off her doings and derring-do’s.

Yep, mom was happy that the girl got a clean bill of health from the dentist because that means that she would be able to take non-shameful selfies in the future.

We all know what happens with those selfies.

They fall off mountains.

Mom wants daughter’s teeth to be nice so she can take those selfies and mom would get a cut of any money until the day the daughter decides that taking a selfie on an icy edge of a cliff would look really cool and then she’ll slip, scream, fall and die.

Mom would collect insurance money, so she’ll be set.

Thanks, Crest!

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