Ok To Be Spanked?

I received a wonderful email from Marissa, regarding my marriage to Ralph, my wonderful husband!!

I think Marissa was a bit concerned because Ralph has a tendency to spring surprise tests on me. Don’t worry!! It’s his duty as my husband to do so and it is my duty as his wife to pass these tests!!

Ralph has molded me into an almost perfect wife. I can remember when we were first married and I didn’t get his dinner ready on time, I got quite the spanking!!

Sure, I cried when Ralph was spanking my bottom, but I actually enjoyed it!! You know what I mean girls!!

I know I purposely messed up a few times in order to be spanked. I think Ralph caught onto my little game though because he bought a paddle and hammered some nails through it and told me he would use it the next time I messed up!! What a kidder he is!!

Sure, our marriage might seem a little strange to “normal” people, but you must remember that we live in a trailer park in Nebraska!!

oh, Marissa, don’t worry about Ralph and I. We are very happily married and will be for a long, long time!!

I was going to write about cleaning heads, but I have this salty taste in my mouth, which is annoying me!! I must go and drink a soda or something, but I will try to remember to write about head cleaning next week!!

Love ya!!!

NEXT WEEK: It should hopefully be that head cleaning thing!!!

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Melissa Paternik

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