Holiday With Deborah Foreman…

This past holiday weekend as I lay in the hospital recovering from shattered knee, I tried to think of ways to get Deborah Foreman back on the big screen.

Remember Deborah Foreman? She was the title character in “Valley Girl”,had a small but funny part in “Real Genius”, looked really, really good in “Sundown”, looked great in “My Chaffeur” and the list goes on.

“Lobsterman from Mars”. “April Fools Day”. “Waxwork”. There are more and every one of these movies were made better because of Deborah Foreman. I would never have watched “Lunatics: A Love Story” if she was not in it.

Most movies to me are boring today. I though really hard about this and came to the conclusion that if she was in more movies, movies would be that much better. Watch any of the movies I listed above and you will agree that she brings an extra spark to the film, no matter how bad the movie might actually be.

So, we have decided to make “ The Movie.” The script right now in in the developmental stage, and money might be a slight problem, but we are bound and determined to have Deborah Foreman as an integral part of this motion picture.

Shameless plug on her part: Not only is she a fine actress, but is quite a good artist. Go ahead and visit her website at Check out her artwork and she also has some hand painted furniture which is very nice. Okay, shameless plug over.

We do not know a plot of the “Weirdcrap” movie yet. We will keep you posted. We can guarantee that it will be action packed. And we will be happy to do any product placement for any company out there.

Now, to what has annoyed me these past few days. I recently went to Border’s in order to buy a book, because I have recently been taught how to read. What really pisses me off are these people that sit there all day long and read books and then put them back on the shelves. So, I am not getting a new book, which I am paying about $30.00 for, but I am actually getting a used book which should cost me no more than $5.00. Why should I have to pay full price for a book that has fingerprint smudges on some pages? Are people really that cheap nowadays, and can’t buy a damn book??

A Wrigley Field patron is now suing the Dodgers organization because of the fight in the stands last week. This person claims he was not drunk and that one of the Dodger players started to choke him. For some reason, I do not believe this guy was not drunk. Just seeing him on television, he looks like someone who would be drunk, and would develop a cocky attitude after 2 beers (since he is a lightweight), would say something stupid and then be surprised when someone retaliates. I am not a Dodger fan by a long shot, but I have seen drunken Cub fans and I also remember a drunk Harry Carey hanging out of the announcement booth during the seventh inning stretch of every Cubs home game.

I believe the Dodger organization should give this fan a baseball bat instead of the $50,000.00 he is trying to get. This guy could take this baseball bat and do what he does best: drive down the road in his rusty 1974 Ford Maverick and hit mailboxes with the bat. That is something he probably excels at.

And to the fan that fell out of the upper deck of Yankee Stadium last week: I wish you missed the protective netting and hit the concrete face first. That would give you a lesson that you wouldn’t soon forget.

He’ll probably sue for something, though. He might claim that the alcohol content in the beer was more than he thought it would be and that he drank too much and it caused him to “fall”.


Darva is still the same as before.

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