Getting Ready For Thanksgiving!

I was going to have a contest with the prize being me for Thanksgiving, but I was told that this might be considered illegal by some people. Sorry guys and gals!!

This Thanksgiving will be strange since I will be celebrating it alone. I agreed to work at the bar because the owner has given all the other dancers the day off. Since I was the “low man on the totem pole”, I have to work all day.

That’s okay, I guess. I did pick up a couple of boxes of macaroni and cheese and some hot dogs for my Thanksgiving feast! Good thing it’s cold outside because the hot dogs shouldn’t spoil in the refrigerator.

Confused? I thought you might be!! Remember, I don’t have electricity, but I found a little refrigerator that someone had thrown away and now it’s mine!! It brightens up the place and makes my new home look almost modern!!!

I wish I could afford a turkey or even turkey jerky for Thanksgiving, but I can’t. At work, all the dancers must have the patrons buy them at least 5 drinks per hour. Since I am on stage 45 minutes out of every hour, this makes it quite difficult for me to reach my quota.

Since I need this job, I have been forced into buying my own drinks. This is not cheap!!! Drinks for dancers start at $9.00, so you can see why I am a little tight moneywise!!!

Oh well, it’s a job so I can’t complain much. I do have hope that I will win the lottery and make sure I buy 50 tickets a week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

See ya!!!

NEXT WEEK: Big news!!!

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