Another Trial!

My trial ordeal is lasting a lot longer than I thought it would!!

Hopefully it should end within the next week, but I don’t expect the verdict to be in my favor. I guess I am not a particularly good wife and, at this time, I can definitely understand why Ralph would want to get rid of me.

It all started when I met my lawyer. Since I don’t have a lot of money, the lawyer was supplied free of charge by the state!! I figured that this was a good thing, but I might have went a bit overboard when I first met him.

He looked familiar when I first saw him, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen him before. As I stared at him while he went over my case, I could tell that he was getting a little embarrassed by all the attention I was giving him.

He finally asked me if I had a mental problem. I told him that I didn’t but I could swear that I had seen him before. He seemed to think about that for a little while and then asked me if I was a dancer.

I told him that used to dance and then it dawned on me that he was one of the customer’s who went to the bar almost every night!!

When I told him this he denied it but finally admitted that he did go to the bar a lot and that he thought that I was the best dancer there.

I know a come on line when I hear one, so I immediately stripped off my clothes and told him he could have me! He must have been one of those guys that don’t like girls because he declined my invitation, threw up, told me that I needed to get a different lawyer and then left.

So the trial has been postponed until later on this week when the state (hopefully) will have found a lawyer willing to take my case.

I have figured that I am a whore and no man wants to be with a woman that wants sex all the time. Now you can see why I don’t deserve a man like Ralph, but I am willing to go to court to apologise for my sluttishness and for wasting the best years of his life.

See ya!!!

NEXT WEEK: More of this court stuff.

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